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Trust children, they would literally jump into the waiting arms of their parent from a higher place sure they would never fall off. Their confidence was so strong and sure without any iota of doubt.

A man determined to get along in his life and career till he attains his goals and dreams is confident in self.  The fact that many people do not have  well-defined goals is due to lack of faith to beat the situation or overcome challenges.

A racist American gang man, tired of his lifestyle, decided to change. But all over him were tattoos of hate for the black people. He ran away from the gang, but the ostrich has nowhere to hide. Anywhere he went, the gang always find him.  With a wife and child he crisscrossed many towns and cities in determined dump the old lifestyle, to clean up and get decent. Confident he would win through, a competent tattoo cleaning surgeon was found with a willing donor to foot the bill. The medical treatment spread over a long period through excruciating pain. Self-confident, he went through it, beaming courage to his supporting spouse.How many have the heart.

New starters in business and some worthy courses often display interest in their course at the beginning but usually fail to go through the process, especially when challenged or in time of crisis. Challenges and difficulties would come for the man, but he uses self-confidence to face and conquer them. Once he has defined his goal and decide his course, the self-confident man hardly willy-nilly, but go straight into action so as not to disappoint self and the people who count on him. He looks within, rely upon inner strength and will to  forge out a winning way. Every great encounter of life, and small ones sometimes, need a good douse of self-confidence.  Unbounded, unshaken faith in oneself makes one bold, which is a great prerequisite in all great undertakings. Excellence is not attained by looking over and over at the self, rather by plunging self with resolve into doing those things critics thought you could not do, doing it with a master stroke.  The estimate a man passes on himself defines the man, and there lies his self-confidence.

How to Develop Self-confidence

1. Discover the Inner Self, the true personae

To everyone is a talent or gift in a special area or unique field. It is very essential to discover these talents and build on them. Know yourself and discover the bundles of talent endowed unto you. It is great gain to discover and decide the basis of the gift of a lad as he set forth early in life. He would grow into it and become a master of that aspect later in life.Rather than scatter your energy in areas that do not sell or sound the best for you, take time to discover your great potentials and build on it. Missing this golden opportunity as a child does not prevent us from the search as adults.

a. Take stock of your stand and status at regular intervals in life.

b. Analyze your findings and make move for positive change and improvements.

c. Determine you profound gifts and qualities and make abundant use of them.

d. When at a crossroad, stoop low to think and wake up to forge ahead.

e. Never despise good counselors and valuable mentors.

2. Make full use of your great potentials

The major purpose of examinations is to find what happened or went wrong, and the next step to take. Once you have discovered your great potentials, you have struck your diamond mine. The next phase is to start to mine. Focus on your potentials and not allow your limitations to stare you in the face. Sir Winston Churchill focused on his great potentials for the wonderful career as a public speaker and a statesman, that he hardly notice his obvious limitations. Never allow your limitations as a hindrance, you must rather view them as stepping-stones to success.

3. Always strike a harmonious cord between your talent and your work

Dedication has its rich blessings. but dedication and commitment to a course in which one is naturally gifted resonate as if one is born with excellence and mastery of that particular job or service. That natural tendency always resonate and ring though almost anybody could learn and do any job. This defines the masterpiece from the general works. Always strive to produce a masterpiece.

4. Be optimistic and positive minded

The self-confident man is a positive minded person because he strongly believe that his well-set dreams and goals will come to pass He works hard at it believing in it and trusting himself unto its realization. Daily affirmations in this regard would guide us closer to  our dreams.

The age of adolescence is a very traumatic period for the teenager as it extends from the tail end of childhood and the spur of puberty into the early stages of manhood. Disturbed and often caught off-guard, the young fellow suddenly burst into improved physique and development all over his body. He becomes vulnerable because of the biological, psychological and social change that goes within him and around his environment. His condition and confusion is further compounded by the larger society which want him to behave and shape up, and not understand his plight with an open arm of support.

Growth and development is never easy, yet it sets the pattern for our lifestyle and the way we relate with the society at large. The Age of Enlightenment set reason as the code that defines the basis of our relationship. Enlightenment embraced reason over and above religion and its excesses. It trampled and relegated culture. However, no matter how you look at it, the cultural element remains an essential fabric within the clan and the people, within the family and the public. Every cultural group or clan has its morals and mores. Religion only comes to play around it. Wonder how Christianity graduated into a religion, when all The Master came to do was to point us to The Father, and lead us into a blissful life with God after death. Christianity is a way of life, patterned after the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, which also underscore the Plan of God as laid out in The Bible.

Scared by the Ten Commandments, we took off to live life in our own way. To our surprise, the tenets we found so scary formed the basis of the laws of the government, exposing our deep hypocrisy. Jesus Christ simplified and summarized the same laws. Rather than appreciate Him,  the rulers arrested Him, tried and crucified Him, leading to the spread of Christianity upon His resurrection. God gave man the freedom of choice from creation, from birth; but we are accountable for our choices.

The world came into pandemonium when the picture of a naked noble prince, within the confines of his hotel room, in a popular city circulated in many quarters. Though back-stabbed by friendly foes, he was largely responsible for his actions. Meanwhile the whistleblowers had a busy day sharing the news and making money out of his misjudgment. The hypocrite exposes the fault in other people while covering up his own failings.

Michael Jackson could have been 54 years old today if he had not died in 2009. He was greatly successful as a man, musician and philanthropist. He fulfilled his dreams within the 50 years of his earthly sojourn. Jackson was recently polled as the fourth greatest musician of all time, coming only behind Ludwig Van Beethoven and the The Beatles. Yet the gossips were mostly about his misdeeds and what he failed to do, leaving out the great accomplishments. That is the lot of the hypocrite.

Galileo Galilei was a great physicist, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and inventor. Tormented and persecuted by “The Inquisition”, the influential religious body of his days, Galileo almost failed to produce the great works of inventions and discoveries that advanced the course of civilization.

Christopher Columbus was almost prevented from the discovery of The Americas by the influential charlatans and whited sepulchers that filled the courts of Queen Isabela of Spain as they wrongly advised the monarch from granting Columbus the vital support required for the great project.

Martin Luther had his own field day in the hands of obnoxious edicts, decrees and Papal Bulls that put his life in jeopardy among the people he wanted to liberate. He risked a lot for the sake of the Reformation.

Growing up was never easy, therefore schools exist to engage the growing child in useful works and knowledge. Yet hypocrites would not understand the inner pains and feelings of the inner man, the core personae. But God does. Despite obvious moral standards and mores, we could not do without deviant tendencies and discordant steps and moves among the people. The adulterous woman at the well, the prodigal son, the tax collector, and the woman caught in adultery were glaring instances of the encounters of Christ with people who mirrored the secret image of most of us. Knowing full well that we are equally guilty, we go all the way to condemn the person caught of the same offense.

.Jesus Christ expressed the love of The Father in the Parable of the Prodigal son. Unlike “the Inquisition”, the scribes and the Pharisees, the Papal Bulls, God is ever ready to take back and restore hope to the wasteful and reckless son who came back home.

Rahab, the prostitute, heard of God’s goodness and greatness, so she partnered with God’s people. That choice eventually made her of the lineage of The Messiah.

We all want to live when life is beautiful. But some moments come when we would rather die than live. When ashamed and dejected like some naked princes, Jesus stands at the door of our heart and ask if we would let Him into our lives.

She was undeniably caught in the very act, in adultery; and they were ready to stone her to death. Somehow, they brought her to Jesus. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone”, and they left her one after the other. “Neither do I condemn thee, go, and sin no more”.

Majority of the world echoes the fact that recently concluded London 2012 Olympics was a wonderful and successful track and field event. Organized by the government and people of Great Britain and the International Olympics Committee, the event was popularly adjudged the best of its kind.

The opening ceremony paired an octogenarian Queen Elizabeth II with a young and energetic James Bond in a spaceflight that makes everybody feel young and athletic again. The closing ceremony was equally unique and fantastic. It was full of life, displays of various kinds in culture, music, artworks and technology, with rich competitions in athletics, gymnastics, sports and games.

This London event was great in content as well as in contest. Life is also like that.

It requires planning and dedicated pursuit to become a winner in life. Turning out into a champion requires having a concrete dream and the strong urge to meet the dream. It is essential to decide and  pursue the dream into successful attainment, and the determination to go through all the odds and challenges into victory. One also needs the dedication to the chosen course and the doggedness to push ahead towards the winning mark in the face of challenges, opposition, and disappointments from friends and foes. There would be great delight of capturing the crown when we finally gain the victory.

These are the Seven Ds of Success. What are your dreams, your desires, and what is your decision to realize them? A couple of lessons from the victors might suffice.

The Dream of Douglas

Clearly talented and gifted, Gabrielle Douglas openly expressed her dream for a successful gymnast that would compete on the world stage. She watched the 2008 Olympics on the television, but Gabrielle would rather be the champion watched by others. Her dream was so strong that she begged and convinced her mother to let her to leave home and train with a world-class coach. Four years later, after rigorous training and adjustments, her dream came through in London right before our eyes, all over the world.

Gabrielle Douglas took some positive action to realize her dream. Do you have a particular dream deep down in your heart, always on your mind? Take action, go for it, it could turn to gold.


The Desire of Phelps

While dreams are often on the mind, in the heart, pushing us toward a noble course, a great goal, they are often expressed and cemented through our strong expressions as wants.

Though he had been there before as a winner and a champion, Michael Phelps wanted a bigger trophy, a very strong wish, and an urge above the ordinary, to leave the stage when the ovation was loudest, to put a landmark on the stage as he withdraws from the competitions.

Michael got his desires fulfilled because he would not take no for an answer. Michael Phelps retired from the Olympics with a staggering record of twenty-two (22) career Olympic medals; eighteen of them in gold!

What is the big picture of your future self? Give it all it takes, and you’ll sooner or later be right there.


The Decision of “King” James

It may take two to tango, but it takes you, and only you to decide which way you want to go, what path to take, and how big you want to win. It was difficult when LeBron James decided to transfer to Miami Heats from the homeland Cleveland Cavaliers basket ball team. Former fans and loyalists condemned, criticized, castigated, bullied, and largely hated him.

James had taken a stand and would not go back, come what may. He had his focus on winning the Championship. Today LeBron James is America’s NBA MVP, NBA champion and Olympic basketball gold medalist all at a time. James LeBron had the last laugh largely because he could take wise decisions and stand by it.

Take a firm decision about your goal, your career, your dream, and get do without a flinch, you will surely wear the crown


The Determination of Murray & Serena

Andy Murray and Serena Williams are big stars and great tennis players. Andy Murray had the challenge to become the first British man to win Olympic tennis gold medal since 1908. Serena Williams had won all laurels in tennis save only for an Olympic Single Ladies gold medal.

It was not easy for the two to make it to the finals, but they both did emphatically, to underscore their determination for the big prize. Andy Murray and Serena Williams came through at the finals, and realized their respective dreams.

How determined are you? You will win if you could be determined to the mark.


The Dedication of the Great Four – USA, China, Britain & Russia.

All animals are equal, some are more equal than the others merely because they put more dedication to oil their barrels and sharpen their wits. The United States, China, Great Britain and Russia led the medal table list not because they have more men and women athletes than other nations, but because these nations gave all that was needful to the cause.

What a great lesson to the world and her people.


The Doggedness of Usain Bolt

He had largely been written off before the competition. But like the Biblical ants, noted for doggedness and diligence, ants gathers food in season for the time of shortage. Usain Bolt was storing up strength for the rainy day, the days of adversity.

Usain Bolt resolutely came into the competitions in London to unleash his reserved energy and strength. He won all his competitions, carting home as many gold medals for self and country. There was no controversy that Bolt remains the fastest man on Earth.

How dogged are you to stay focused despite challenges and denials as you make for the winning streak?


The Delight of Britain, the contestants and spectators.

“I have not time to say more, but to beg you will give my duty to the Queen, and let her know her army has had a glorious victory…..” (Gen. J.C. Marlborough).

What great delight to carry with us such line of victorious report from The Olympics of life, with our medals dangling from our necks?

In his well read Gospel of Wealth, Andrew Carnegie left a legacy larger than himself for the wealthy and the rich to practice and emulate. Kindness does not cost much to do in very many circumstances, yet very many people find it difficult to share their lots with the poor out of love and heartfelt care.

Poverty is more of a state of mind than the lack of basic goods. We are all born with something to give. Every human being is born with abilities and talents to develop and sustain self, never mind that we are not equally talented or evenly blessed to meet the shocks, the disappointments and the rough challenges of life.

Andrew Carnegie realized this much that it became his principle to amass as much wealth as he could through legal and acceptable means, and support those who were not as privileged as he was. But Carnegie believed that all humans should so motivate themselves to meet the best possible status in life, otherwise they will wallow in poverty, lack and mediocrity, no matter the fine talents and great gifts with which they were born. Thus the poor has no excuse being poor, after all, Carnegie came to the United States tied to the aprons of very poor parents and folks. If Andy could, everyone else should, even do better, believing in the self. There are men and women all across the world who improved from rags unto riches, men and women, people who went through all odds and decent creativity to become wealthy and noble. Rather than emulate them, a very large proportion of the world’s population wait for hand-outs in cash and in kind.

Mother Theresa of Calcutta did great humanitarian works among the poor folks of Calcutta in India and other places around the world. Many people and organizations are doing the same to support the needy, the destitute, the homeless, the homeless, the dejected, orphans and the invalid who have nobody  or opportunity to get adequate care.  Kind hearted people give support in cash and kind to people trapped in war zones, disaster areas or those who were left hopeless because of natural epidemic or unforeseen catastrophes. The International Red Cross, AmeriCorps, Doctors without Frontiers, government and non-government aid agencies, Amnesty International, journalists and reporters as well as various volunteers are proven demonstrations of corporate bodies and people who risk their lives and resources to show kindness to humanity.

As we celebrate the World Humanitarian Day today, the United Nations Organization should echo it to leaders in the countries where the population is largely poor, especially in Africa and Asia, to seek redress and rule aright. We would always have the poor among us, even if the wealth of nations were evenly spread, as people are not equally disposed to resources management. However, we brought nothing into the world, and would take nothing with us into death, we be wise to support the needy with our surplus and not condemn them for missing available opportunities.

Corruption and graft have eaten deep into many countries particularly the poor nations, and majority of their population live below poverty line, while the elites and rulers brazenly display wealth and riches without the fear of God. It would be an abuse to gather Michael Jackson & Co to mop up funds for Ethiopia or Somalia. The Creator gave every nation, every land, and each person adequate material, natural and intellectual resources for growth and development, and to profit therewith if well harnessed.

Beyond today’s commemorative performance by Beyonce for the World Humanitarian Day, crucial impacts would only be made as we fight corruption and graft the same way we fight terrorism, drug and human trafficking. This is the way to bring true and lasting relief to the poor and encourage the dedicated people who risk everything to serve. Doing so would also serve as a good remembrance of people killed, maimed and wounded in the course of doling out acts of kindness. The United Nations and her agencies must refrain from treating corrupt and despotic national leaders with kid gloves, the poor masses need encouragements and support to vote inept leaders out of power. Thus the world would be healed of poverty.

The young ones shall grow, and grow old. Growth is a basic aspect of life, yet many people just age, they refuse to grow. To grow is to develop, get bigger and greater, an advancement upon what applied initially. To age is to chalk up some time or a long time in history.

Londoners never allow the Big Ben to age. They always transform it from time to time to meet the standards of the modern age, yet not losing its qualities and historical appeal.

A visit by an American war veteran to rural Vietnam left him in tears, as he met the village of his rescue during the war almost exactly as he left it many years ago. No improvement had come to the people since he left. Though Queen Elizabeth was a young English Princess holidaying in rural Africa when her father, King George VI died, it is greatly disheartening that most of rural Africa is still as they were when the Queen celebrated her Diamond coronation anniversary this year. Some people live like this, they just continue to age, they refuse to grow relatively and advance to fulfill the real essence of living.

Youthfulness is vivacious, vibrant, and cheerful. The young man is full of life. Youthfulness is a very vital state of the man, a vital deciding code for the personality and the life of the person long after adolescence. What then is the age of youthfulness, and when in life does a young person set the pace for a lasting future?  Who is responsible for the inadequate growth in the developing countries? You will blame leadership.

How well do you do about your personal growth and development?

Does life and living have any meaning to you?

What are your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations?

There is always a moment in life when we muster the courage to tell ourselves the truth about our personal standing in life. A time arises when we stoop; when we stop and take stock of our progress, achievements, success or even failures and missteps thus far. However, it is very disheartening that such crucial moment often hit most of us at the time when we had lost something of value or a tragic circumstance had developed and we need to find a way out; or rather when a catastrophic deluge has suddenly befallen us, and we became shocked about it. To look for a way out we take stock of affairs, assess the situation to make the right move. Make hay when the sun shines, says the old English.

It is often not good enough to start planning how to cross the river when we got to the river bank. The crowd usually bother less about crossing the river as they would find their way at the bridge by and by. But the small elites have “crossed their bridges” in their imaginations, in their minds, in their plans, and in their schemes largely before they reach the river banks, far ahead of the crowd.

It is important to understand and understudy the élite to become élite as well. To know the way, we should follow those who had trodden it successfully. To be happy and successful, one should leave from the loosing crowd and join the winning elites.

A hundred mile’s journey begins with a step, take the step and make the effort today to discover the raison d’être of your life and choose your chief aim in life.

Disappointments, disappointments, yet more disappointments, they often turn up and appear when we are getting at it; yet, we later often come to understand that those disappointments were the essential stepping-stones to our success, our greatness, and our breakthroughs, as every one of them, carefully tackled, make us stronger and wiser than we were.”( Ojelabi, Michael, Success, Your birthright – the Steve Jobs Phenomenon, Amazon Kindle, 2012).

The life and accomplishments of Mr. Jobs further affirm the reality and possibilities in humanity through faith, singleness of purpose, tenacity, enterprise, result oriented management, as well as the dignified field of purposeful and dedicated leadership in spite of seemingly unlikely unfriendly circumstances, harsh and difficult environment, obstacles and recurring hindrances. In the effort to offer customers with products that were useful and needful for him, but which the customer rather never thought of, Mr. Jobs used his will-power, talent and business acumen as well as an absolute belief in his own abilities to bring about the successful realization of his dreams and goals, and bequeath unto the world a phenomenal impact that has touched our lives, and would continue to do so in times to come.” (Ojelabi, Michael).

The Steve Jobs Phenomenon encapsulate and lay bare before us how man can use what he has to get what he needs; applying his endowment to meet his goals, his desires in life. Reading the Steve Jobs Phenomenon, you will agree that you can do it, you sure can pull it off because Success is your Birthright. This is the way to grow and succeed, and not advance in age without any appreciable achievement or life of triumph.

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