Purpose – the essence of life

There is much more to life and living than mere existence. Life is too short to be little. Yet, life is principally a journey a journey, and not a destination.

Live well, this only one life of yours, making good use of every tickling second, every passing minute, every going hour, every  moving day, every turning week, every rolling month and every emerging year. Wounds would heal, broken heart could be mended, lost property could be recovered, but time, once spent, could not be regained.

The journey of life is too crucial and highly important to overlook the great aspect of setting forth early in life to commence the great voyage that may never be repeated. The journey of life demands that we make adequate preparations for the unexpected twists and turns along the course to be able to avoid the thorns and thistles which lined the thorny and shaggy paths of life. The world is known of heroes and heroines, people who have left great landmarks as a result of their noble lives and gallant achievements. They succeeded in transforming their societies and communities for better, others have bequeathed us with good governance and leadership. Some are in creativity, inventions, transformations, and other activities that have put smiles on the faces of many a sorrowful heart. 

“Life is a journey, not a destination”.  The story of the life Helen Keller gives many of us who were born without any iota of deformity a great food for thought. Helen Adams Keller became the first documented deaf and blind person to earn a university Bachelor of Arts degree. Despite her shortcomings in life, Helen Keller went on in life to become a great author of note, a renowned political activist and university lecturer.

 Her life and times were portrayed in the play and film The Miracle Worker. This was a woman who was born with many deformities and health challenges, yet she went on in the journey of life to put her strong marks on the sand of time and prove to be a useful tool to challenge fellow mankind on the impact of dedication and strong will to excel against all odds.

Many of us with our eyes wide open glean and sing from time to time hymnals and great songs of worship with inspiration and reverence, most which were written and composed by Fanny J. Crosby, a blind but highly talented lyricist, poet and composer. Crosby played during her lifetime the harp, piano, organ and the guitar for the benefit of many endowed with all senses and faculties.

 Dedication, my brother; Commitment and perseverance, my sister, you just must be courageous, bold, and fully resolved to map out a course of action and follow it to attain your goal in life. Nothing short of this would do it.

The good life is desired by all and sundry, but only the wary and the determined would get to live it. No matter what stage you find yourself to discover the need to make a change, a move to make a better life, there is no impossibility for a determined mind, a dedicated person.

Life needs be lived with a purpose. To find this purpose, noble, legal and dignified, and set about its attainment in the spectrum of your goal, your dream, till you could gladly declare Eureka! is the good life indeed. Our dedication at Maikel Kaes is to give you the enabling support in this regard.

We provide the facilities, the guide, the plan and a roadmap carefully designed to aid, to assist and support you to realize your goal.. Together, we could both take the step-by-step approach to get to the land of your dream.


The choice is yours.

Thanks for your subscription to Maikel Kaes – the Good Life managers.

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