Path to growth and success

The young ones shall grow, and grow old. Growth is a basic aspect of life, yet many people just age, they refuse to grow. To grow is to develop, get bigger and greater, an advancement upon what applied initially. To age is to chalk up some time or a long time in history.

Londoners never allow the Big Ben to age. They always transform it from time to time to meet the standards of the modern age, yet not losing its qualities and historical appeal.

A visit by an American war veteran to rural Vietnam left him in tears, as he met the village of his rescue during the war almost exactly as he left it many years ago. No improvement had come to the people since he left. Though Queen Elizabeth was a young English Princess holidaying in rural Africa when her father, King George VI died, it is greatly disheartening that most of rural Africa is still as they were when the Queen celebrated her Diamond coronation anniversary this year. Some people live like this, they just continue to age, they refuse to grow relatively and advance to fulfill the real essence of living.

Youthfulness is vivacious, vibrant, and cheerful. The young man is full of life. Youthfulness is a very vital state of the man, a vital deciding code for the personality and the life of the person long after adolescence. What then is the age of youthfulness, and when in life does a young person set the pace for a lasting future?  Who is responsible for the inadequate growth in the developing countries? You will blame leadership.

How well do you do about your personal growth and development?

Does life and living have any meaning to you?

What are your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations?

There is always a moment in life when we muster the courage to tell ourselves the truth about our personal standing in life. A time arises when we stoop; when we stop and take stock of our progress, achievements, success or even failures and missteps thus far. However, it is very disheartening that such crucial moment often hit most of us at the time when we had lost something of value or a tragic circumstance had developed and we need to find a way out; or rather when a catastrophic deluge has suddenly befallen us, and we became shocked about it. To look for a way out we take stock of affairs, assess the situation to make the right move. Make hay when the sun shines, says the old English.

It is often not good enough to start planning how to cross the river when we got to the river bank. The crowd usually bother less about crossing the river as they would find their way at the bridge by and by. But the small elites have “crossed their bridges” in their imaginations, in their minds, in their plans, and in their schemes largely before they reach the river banks, far ahead of the crowd.

It is important to understand and understudy the élite to become élite as well. To know the way, we should follow those who had trodden it successfully. To be happy and successful, one should leave from the loosing crowd and join the winning elites.

A hundred mile’s journey begins with a step, take the step and make the effort today to discover the raison d’être of your life and choose your chief aim in life.

Disappointments, disappointments, yet more disappointments, they often turn up and appear when we are getting at it; yet, we later often come to understand that those disappointments were the essential stepping-stones to our success, our greatness, and our breakthroughs, as every one of them, carefully tackled, make us stronger and wiser than we were.”( Ojelabi, Michael, Success, Your birthright – the Steve Jobs Phenomenon, Amazon Kindle, 2012).

The life and accomplishments of Mr. Jobs further affirm the reality and possibilities in humanity through faith, singleness of purpose, tenacity, enterprise, result oriented management, as well as the dignified field of purposeful and dedicated leadership in spite of seemingly unlikely unfriendly circumstances, harsh and difficult environment, obstacles and recurring hindrances. In the effort to offer customers with products that were useful and needful for him, but which the customer rather never thought of, Mr. Jobs used his will-power, talent and business acumen as well as an absolute belief in his own abilities to bring about the successful realization of his dreams and goals, and bequeath unto the world a phenomenal impact that has touched our lives, and would continue to do so in times to come.” (Ojelabi, Michael).

The Steve Jobs Phenomenon encapsulate and lay bare before us how man can use what he has to get what he needs; applying his endowment to meet his goals, his desires in life. Reading the Steve Jobs Phenomenon, you will agree that you can do it, you sure can pull it off because Success is your Birthright. This is the way to grow and succeed, and not advance in age without any appreciable achievement or life of triumph.

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