Show a Little Kindness – Heal the World

In his well read Gospel of Wealth, Andrew Carnegie left a legacy larger than himself for the wealthy and the rich to practice and emulate. Kindness does not cost much to do in very many circumstances, yet very many people find it difficult to share their lots with the poor out of love and heartfelt care.

Poverty is more of a state of mind than the lack of basic goods. We are all born with something to give. Every human being is born with abilities and talents to develop and sustain self, never mind that we are not equally talented or evenly blessed to meet the shocks, the disappointments and the rough challenges of life.

Andrew Carnegie realized this much that it became his principle to amass as much wealth as he could through legal and acceptable means, and support those who were not as privileged as he was. But Carnegie believed that all humans should so motivate themselves to meet the best possible status in life, otherwise they will wallow in poverty, lack and mediocrity, no matter the fine talents and great gifts with which they were born. Thus the poor has no excuse being poor, after all, Carnegie came to the United States tied to the aprons of very poor parents and folks. If Andy could, everyone else should, even do better, believing in the self. There are men and women all across the world who improved from rags unto riches, men and women, people who went through all odds and decent creativity to become wealthy and noble. Rather than emulate them, a very large proportion of the world’s population wait for hand-outs in cash and in kind.

Mother Theresa of Calcutta did great humanitarian works among the poor folks of Calcutta in India and other places around the world. Many people and organizations are doing the same to support the needy, the destitute, the homeless, the homeless, the dejected, orphans and the invalid who have nobody  or opportunity to get adequate care.  Kind hearted people give support in cash and kind to people trapped in war zones, disaster areas or those who were left hopeless because of natural epidemic or unforeseen catastrophes. The International Red Cross, AmeriCorps, Doctors without Frontiers, government and non-government aid agencies, Amnesty International, journalists and reporters as well as various volunteers are proven demonstrations of corporate bodies and people who risk their lives and resources to show kindness to humanity.

As we celebrate the World Humanitarian Day today, the United Nations Organization should echo it to leaders in the countries where the population is largely poor, especially in Africa and Asia, to seek redress and rule aright. We would always have the poor among us, even if the wealth of nations were evenly spread, as people are not equally disposed to resources management. However, we brought nothing into the world, and would take nothing with us into death, we be wise to support the needy with our surplus and not condemn them for missing available opportunities.

Corruption and graft have eaten deep into many countries particularly the poor nations, and majority of their population live below poverty line, while the elites and rulers brazenly display wealth and riches without the fear of God. It would be an abuse to gather Michael Jackson & Co to mop up funds for Ethiopia or Somalia. The Creator gave every nation, every land, and each person adequate material, natural and intellectual resources for growth and development, and to profit therewith if well harnessed.

Beyond today’s commemorative performance by Beyonce for the World Humanitarian Day, crucial impacts would only be made as we fight corruption and graft the same way we fight terrorism, drug and human trafficking. This is the way to bring true and lasting relief to the poor and encourage the dedicated people who risk everything to serve. Doing so would also serve as a good remembrance of people killed, maimed and wounded in the course of doling out acts of kindness. The United Nations and her agencies must refrain from treating corrupt and despotic national leaders with kid gloves, the poor masses need encouragements and support to vote inept leaders out of power. Thus the world would be healed of poverty.


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