The Olympics – Seven Ds of the Champion!

Majority of the world echoes the fact that recently concluded London 2012 Olympics was a wonderful and successful track and field event. Organized by the government and people of Great Britain and the International Olympics Committee, the event was popularly adjudged the best of its kind.

The opening ceremony paired an octogenarian Queen Elizabeth II with a young and energetic James Bond in a spaceflight that makes everybody feel young and athletic again. The closing ceremony was equally unique and fantastic. It was full of life, displays of various kinds in culture, music, artworks and technology, with rich competitions in athletics, gymnastics, sports and games.

This London event was great in content as well as in contest. Life is also like that.

It requires planning and dedicated pursuit to become a winner in life. Turning out into a champion requires having a concrete dream and the strong urge to meet the dream. It is essential to decide and  pursue the dream into successful attainment, and the determination to go through all the odds and challenges into victory. One also needs the dedication to the chosen course and the doggedness to push ahead towards the winning mark in the face of challenges, opposition, and disappointments from friends and foes. There would be great delight of capturing the crown when we finally gain the victory.

These are the Seven Ds of Success. What are your dreams, your desires, and what is your decision to realize them? A couple of lessons from the victors might suffice.

The Dream of Douglas

Clearly talented and gifted, Gabrielle Douglas openly expressed her dream for a successful gymnast that would compete on the world stage. She watched the 2008 Olympics on the television, but Gabrielle would rather be the champion watched by others. Her dream was so strong that she begged and convinced her mother to let her to leave home and train with a world-class coach. Four years later, after rigorous training and adjustments, her dream came through in London right before our eyes, all over the world.

Gabrielle Douglas took some positive action to realize her dream. Do you have a particular dream deep down in your heart, always on your mind? Take action, go for it, it could turn to gold.


The Desire of Phelps

While dreams are often on the mind, in the heart, pushing us toward a noble course, a great goal, they are often expressed and cemented through our strong expressions as wants.

Though he had been there before as a winner and a champion, Michael Phelps wanted a bigger trophy, a very strong wish, and an urge above the ordinary, to leave the stage when the ovation was loudest, to put a landmark on the stage as he withdraws from the competitions.

Michael got his desires fulfilled because he would not take no for an answer. Michael Phelps retired from the Olympics with a staggering record of twenty-two (22) career Olympic medals; eighteen of them in gold!

What is the big picture of your future self? Give it all it takes, and you’ll sooner or later be right there.


The Decision of “King” James

It may take two to tango, but it takes you, and only you to decide which way you want to go, what path to take, and how big you want to win. It was difficult when LeBron James decided to transfer to Miami Heats from the homeland Cleveland Cavaliers basket ball team. Former fans and loyalists condemned, criticized, castigated, bullied, and largely hated him.

James had taken a stand and would not go back, come what may. He had his focus on winning the Championship. Today LeBron James is America’s NBA MVP, NBA champion and Olympic basketball gold medalist all at a time. James LeBron had the last laugh largely because he could take wise decisions and stand by it.

Take a firm decision about your goal, your career, your dream, and get do without a flinch, you will surely wear the crown


The Determination of Murray & Serena

Andy Murray and Serena Williams are big stars and great tennis players. Andy Murray had the challenge to become the first British man to win Olympic tennis gold medal since 1908. Serena Williams had won all laurels in tennis save only for an Olympic Single Ladies gold medal.

It was not easy for the two to make it to the finals, but they both did emphatically, to underscore their determination for the big prize. Andy Murray and Serena Williams came through at the finals, and realized their respective dreams.

How determined are you? You will win if you could be determined to the mark.


The Dedication of the Great Four – USA, China, Britain & Russia.

All animals are equal, some are more equal than the others merely because they put more dedication to oil their barrels and sharpen their wits. The United States, China, Great Britain and Russia led the medal table list not because they have more men and women athletes than other nations, but because these nations gave all that was needful to the cause.

What a great lesson to the world and her people.


The Doggedness of Usain Bolt

He had largely been written off before the competition. But like the Biblical ants, noted for doggedness and diligence, ants gathers food in season for the time of shortage. Usain Bolt was storing up strength for the rainy day, the days of adversity.

Usain Bolt resolutely came into the competitions in London to unleash his reserved energy and strength. He won all his competitions, carting home as many gold medals for self and country. There was no controversy that Bolt remains the fastest man on Earth.

How dogged are you to stay focused despite challenges and denials as you make for the winning streak?


The Delight of Britain, the contestants and spectators.

“I have not time to say more, but to beg you will give my duty to the Queen, and let her know her army has had a glorious victory…..” (Gen. J.C. Marlborough).

What great delight to carry with us such line of victorious report from The Olympics of life, with our medals dangling from our necks?

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