Naked Princes and the Whistleblowers!

The age of adolescence is a very traumatic period for the teenager as it extends from the tail end of childhood and the spur of puberty into the early stages of manhood. Disturbed and often caught off-guard, the young fellow suddenly burst into improved physique and development all over his body. He becomes vulnerable because of the biological, psychological and social change that goes within him and around his environment. His condition and confusion is further compounded by the larger society which want him to behave and shape up, and not understand his plight with an open arm of support.

Growth and development is never easy, yet it sets the pattern for our lifestyle and the way we relate with the society at large. The Age of Enlightenment set reason as the code that defines the basis of our relationship. Enlightenment embraced reason over and above religion and its excesses. It trampled and relegated culture. However, no matter how you look at it, the cultural element remains an essential fabric within the clan and the people, within the family and the public. Every cultural group or clan has its morals and mores. Religion only comes to play around it. Wonder how Christianity graduated into a religion, when all The Master came to do was to point us to The Father, and lead us into a blissful life with God after death. Christianity is a way of life, patterned after the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, which also underscore the Plan of God as laid out in The Bible.

Scared by the Ten Commandments, we took off to live life in our own way. To our surprise, the tenets we found so scary formed the basis of the laws of the government, exposing our deep hypocrisy. Jesus Christ simplified and summarized the same laws. Rather than appreciate Him,  the rulers arrested Him, tried and crucified Him, leading to the spread of Christianity upon His resurrection. God gave man the freedom of choice from creation, from birth; but we are accountable for our choices.

The world came into pandemonium when the picture of a naked noble prince, within the confines of his hotel room, in a popular city circulated in many quarters. Though back-stabbed by friendly foes, he was largely responsible for his actions. Meanwhile the whistleblowers had a busy day sharing the news and making money out of his misjudgment. The hypocrite exposes the fault in other people while covering up his own failings.

Michael Jackson could have been 54 years old today if he had not died in 2009. He was greatly successful as a man, musician and philanthropist. He fulfilled his dreams within the 50 years of his earthly sojourn. Jackson was recently polled as the fourth greatest musician of all time, coming only behind Ludwig Van Beethoven and the The Beatles. Yet the gossips were mostly about his misdeeds and what he failed to do, leaving out the great accomplishments. That is the lot of the hypocrite.

Galileo Galilei was a great physicist, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and inventor. Tormented and persecuted by “The Inquisition”, the influential religious body of his days, Galileo almost failed to produce the great works of inventions and discoveries that advanced the course of civilization.

Christopher Columbus was almost prevented from the discovery of The Americas by the influential charlatans and whited sepulchers that filled the courts of Queen Isabela of Spain as they wrongly advised the monarch from granting Columbus the vital support required for the great project.

Martin Luther had his own field day in the hands of obnoxious edicts, decrees and Papal Bulls that put his life in jeopardy among the people he wanted to liberate. He risked a lot for the sake of the Reformation.

Growing up was never easy, therefore schools exist to engage the growing child in useful works and knowledge. Yet hypocrites would not understand the inner pains and feelings of the inner man, the core personae. But God does. Despite obvious moral standards and mores, we could not do without deviant tendencies and discordant steps and moves among the people. The adulterous woman at the well, the prodigal son, the tax collector, and the woman caught in adultery were glaring instances of the encounters of Christ with people who mirrored the secret image of most of us. Knowing full well that we are equally guilty, we go all the way to condemn the person caught of the same offense.

.Jesus Christ expressed the love of The Father in the Parable of the Prodigal son. Unlike “the Inquisition”, the scribes and the Pharisees, the Papal Bulls, God is ever ready to take back and restore hope to the wasteful and reckless son who came back home.

Rahab, the prostitute, heard of God’s goodness and greatness, so she partnered with God’s people. That choice eventually made her of the lineage of The Messiah.

We all want to live when life is beautiful. But some moments come when we would rather die than live. When ashamed and dejected like some naked princes, Jesus stands at the door of our heart and ask if we would let Him into our lives.

She was undeniably caught in the very act, in adultery; and they were ready to stone her to death. Somehow, they brought her to Jesus. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone”, and they left her one after the other. “Neither do I condemn thee, go, and sin no more”.

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