Self-confidence – the mark of man

Trust children, they would literally jump into the waiting arms of their parent from a higher place sure they would never fall off. Their confidence was so strong and sure without any iota of doubt.

A man determined to get along in his life and career till he attains his goals and dreams is confident in self.  The fact that many people do not have  well-defined goals is due to lack of faith to beat the situation or overcome challenges.

A racist American gang man, tired of his lifestyle, decided to change. But all over him were tattoos of hate for the black people. He ran away from the gang, but the ostrich has nowhere to hide. Anywhere he went, the gang always find him.  With a wife and child he crisscrossed many towns and cities in determined dump the old lifestyle, to clean up and get decent. Confident he would win through, a competent tattoo cleaning surgeon was found with a willing donor to foot the bill. The medical treatment spread over a long period through excruciating pain. Self-confident, he went through it, beaming courage to his supporting spouse.How many have the heart.

New starters in business and some worthy courses often display interest in their course at the beginning but usually fail to go through the process, especially when challenged or in time of crisis. Challenges and difficulties would come for the man, but he uses self-confidence to face and conquer them. Once he has defined his goal and decide his course, the self-confident man hardly willy-nilly, but go straight into action so as not to disappoint self and the people who count on him. He looks within, rely upon inner strength and will to  forge out a winning way. Every great encounter of life, and small ones sometimes, need a good douse of self-confidence.  Unbounded, unshaken faith in oneself makes one bold, which is a great prerequisite in all great undertakings. Excellence is not attained by looking over and over at the self, rather by plunging self with resolve into doing those things critics thought you could not do, doing it with a master stroke.  The estimate a man passes on himself defines the man, and there lies his self-confidence.

How to Develop Self-confidence

1. Discover the Inner Self, the true personae

To everyone is a talent or gift in a special area or unique field. It is very essential to discover these talents and build on them. Know yourself and discover the bundles of talent endowed unto you. It is great gain to discover and decide the basis of the gift of a lad as he set forth early in life. He would grow into it and become a master of that aspect later in life.Rather than scatter your energy in areas that do not sell or sound the best for you, take time to discover your great potentials and build on it. Missing this golden opportunity as a child does not prevent us from the search as adults.

a. Take stock of your stand and status at regular intervals in life.

b. Analyze your findings and make move for positive change and improvements.

c. Determine you profound gifts and qualities and make abundant use of them.

d. When at a crossroad, stoop low to think and wake up to forge ahead.

e. Never despise good counselors and valuable mentors.

2. Make full use of your great potentials

The major purpose of examinations is to find what happened or went wrong, and the next step to take. Once you have discovered your great potentials, you have struck your diamond mine. The next phase is to start to mine. Focus on your potentials and not allow your limitations to stare you in the face. Sir Winston Churchill focused on his great potentials for the wonderful career as a public speaker and a statesman, that he hardly notice his obvious limitations. Never allow your limitations as a hindrance, you must rather view them as stepping-stones to success.

3. Always strike a harmonious cord between your talent and your work

Dedication has its rich blessings. but dedication and commitment to a course in which one is naturally gifted resonate as if one is born with excellence and mastery of that particular job or service. That natural tendency always resonate and ring though almost anybody could learn and do any job. This defines the masterpiece from the general works. Always strive to produce a masterpiece.

4. Be optimistic and positive minded

The self-confident man is a positive minded person because he strongly believe that his well-set dreams and goals will come to pass He works hard at it believing in it and trusting himself unto its realization. Daily affirmations in this regard would guide us closer to  our dreams.

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