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It is the inalienable right of man to seek personal growth and development to the highest level possible. Organizations strive and compete to become the leader among their ranks and file. In the same vein, a man should seek for the best quality of life and strive for the best personal development possible.

The general well-being of people and societies decide the value of life they live. In a global survey to find the true value of life lived by people dwelling in various nations of the world using the following criteria.

Cost of living

Culture and leisure






Safety and risk

These nine categories are the fundamental issues of life that makes life meaningful as citizens or dwellers in a particular nation. How did the nations of the world measure on the scale? The top ten nations on this scale were France, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Luxembourg, United States of America, Belgium, Canada, and Italy. It should surprise us that some so-called powerful and powerful nations of the world did not make it to the top ten on the chart. Corruption and greed, inept leadership and poor governance were responsible for the failure of many nations to do well in this study. The elites of many poor nations invest stolen wealth in the capital cities and metropolitan hot spots of the world for their personal benefits while their nationals wallow in poverty. Failure to develop their nation equally amount to failure to develop their nationals.

Most millionaires are self-made wealthy people; the great bulk of rich folks started their way to riches with little or nothing. Success in any attempt could only come through personal determination. Nations and national leaders that fail to realize, imbibe, and practice this truism will always lag behind to offer excellent life infrastructure for their people and their nation.

Remember that Warren Buffet has been doing what he has always been doing for many years, getting smarter and richer by the day. Bill Gates started with nothing, but with focus and commitment, he became the richest man on Earth.

Frederick Douglas was a slave who believed in his freedom, demanded his freedom, and fought for his freedom. Frederick fought his master to gain fair treatment. He escaped from slavery and ran away into freedom. However, he returned later to make amends with his former masters. He was a self-made man, started from nothing but faith in his vision, his purpose. All self-made wealthy and successful people have these traits in common. Do you have it, or have what it takes?

These people do not believe in failure.

They are so consumed by their goals and dreams that they could not be hindered by any negative force.

They so much believe in themselves, and their abilities to reach set goals. Such people do not indulge in inferiority complex neither are they bothered by the other smart guy next door.

These kinds of people never doubt or flinch, not even for a second, that they could do that which they set out to do.

What clear vision do you have about self and lifestyle?

What positive steps have you taken about this vision, to make it real that is?

Has those positive steps transformed that vision or idea into concrete goal that you can pen down and proudly read to yourself?

Once you discover the correlation between your vision and your natural talents, work hard to build up the talent so that it would complement or boost the vision.

Go all out for adequate training, attitude adjustments and other positive moves that will enhance your knowledge and ability to reach the desired goal.

Learn to trust your instincts and be proficient at making quick decisions.

Learn from exemplary mentors, respect them and earn their approval. By and by you would soon become a mentor on your own merit. But flee from self-proclaimed gurus before they ruin your program.

Strongly believe you can, and do everything legal and noble to discipline yourself as you pursue your dream.

Get top grips with your craft, and be the number one in your business.

Take reasonable calculated risks and bear whatever inconvenience and discomforts necessary to help you reach your goal.

Regular physical exercise and ideal diet will keep your body in shape with impact on your soul.

Take work and its finest outcomes seriously, but find time for rest regularly.

Partake in personal and communal selfless services without seeking reward, recognition or benefit.

Mingle with the rich so that you become wealthy, associate with successful people to make you successful.

Be firm, be sure, be true at it, without giving up!

A Tear And A Smile

I would not exchange the sorrows of my heart for the joys of the multitude. And I would not have the tears that sadness makes to flow from my every part turn into laughter.

I would that my life remain a tear and a smile. A tear to purify my heart and give me understanding of life’s secrets and hidden things.

A smile to draw me high to the sons of my kind and to be a symbol of my glorification of the gods. A tear to unite me with those of (a) broken heart; a smile to be a sign of my joy in existence.

I would rather that I died in yearning and longing than that I lived weary and despairing.” (Khalil Gibran, 1883 – 1931)

President John F. Kennedy

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy emerged in 1961 as the youngest person ever elected President of the United States of America. He was exceedingly loved by Americans and well-respected across the world. Born in 1917, John Kennedy, commissioned by the U.S. Navy to the South Pacific region as commander of PT Boat 109 in 1943 was courageous. The Japanese naval destroyer attacked his team, sliced their boat, killing two of his men. Courageously, the remaining eleven members of his team clung to one half of the boat for hours and swam with it for the 5-kilometer distance to their refuge. Reports abound that John Kennedy towed one of his wounded crew members into safety and treatment clenching the strap of the wounded crew’s life jacket to his mouth and teeth. He did everything to save a life.For the following four days, Kennedy swam most of the area around Solomon Islands in search of help and treatment for his wounded and tattered team. He finally got help from local people. The team was rescued and taken back to base. The future President of the United States of America had laid a solid ground in courage and selfless service, he refused to take no for answer..

Kahlil Gibran

Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese little boy who emigrated from Lebanon with his mother and siblings into the United States in 1894. Gibran returned to Lebanon in 1897 to gain Arabic education. However, his mother, his sister, and his brother died from an attack of tuberculosis in 1903, the year Gibran returned to the United States. Emboldened to turn his tragic life into meaning, Gibran concentrated on his writings and publications. He emerged a talented writer with the support of kindhearted Bostonians to become the leader of school of Arab American writers, with profound influence on both Arab and non-Arab poets and intellectuals.

People that make impact:

Changes only come from persons who are so courageous about their callings and their assignments to the point they are so mad or obsessed at it. They are the ones that create the circumstances around them, and not the other way round, as many are apt to think. Only courageous people would make an impact, not doubters or the fearful.

A mouse was in constant distress because of its fear of the cat. A magician took pity on it and turned it into a cat. But then it became afraid of the dog. So the magician turned it into a dog. Then it began to fear the panther, so the magician turned it into a panther. Whereupon it was full of fear for the hunter. At this point, the magician gave up. He turned it into a mouse again saying, “Nothing I do for you is going to be of any help because you have the heart of a mouse.”  (

The failure syndrome is on the mindset of a man without courage. He does not believe in himself , he has doubts he could excel or gain anything of value. Such ones accepted defeated long before they being overwhelmed. Train your mind not to accept defeat, but rather to learn to conquer. Develop a winning spirit, have a courageous heart, and success would be all around you.

The Mindset

Sow deep in your mind thoughts of courage and you would be launched into profitable actions.

Put up a brave action, and the bold personality becomes your habit.

Display daring habit regularly and you have the character of the bold..

Demonstrate some courageous character and your destiny would be set by it.

Recently, powerful gladiators demonstrated their courage to win during the US Tennis Open Championship. Serena Williams had to turn her imminent defeat in the hands of Victoria Azarenka into victory by sheer grit and audacity. Andy Murray did everything in the books to overpower Novak Djokovic to win his first Grand Slam title after a long pursuit, and long-held expectation from the crowd, his nationals, and his fans. Success minded people and achievement seekers are not precluded from moments of failure, after all. Anyone trying to meet dreams and goals must surely meet challenges and failures. There is hardly anyone who had attempted to win without a rough ride with failures and difficulties. Winners learn from their losses, get up and move on, without losing focus on the dream to win and to succeed. That is courage.

We all want a good life. All of us want to live in that land flowing with milk and honey, where we use silver threads on golden needles to sew our treasured flowery coat of many colors. We all want a life of pomp and pageantry where, without much ado, we meet all our wishes and wants. Because many people refuse to make the required concerted effort to gain the good life, more than 80 per-cent of the entire population of the world, either by omission or commission, cut themselves away from appropriating the bounties that the Creator, the Great God has endowed them with.

Moses was given a Formula to deliver his people from slavery and oppression. He applied the Formula to take the people out of bondage and suffering, into a land flowing with milk and honey. Almost all his people failed to see the Big Picture. Though freed and set on the way to their land of hope and prosperity, they lacked hope and faith. The prefered to return into slavery in Egypt at any little challenge or difficulty. It was secure there in Egypt, they reasoned. Most of us are like these Hebrews, we could not venture to create our own ventures, so we got stuck with other people’s business, slaving it out until fired or tired.

In “Thel’s Motto”, William Blake asked:

“Does the Eagle know what is in the pit?

Or wilt thou go ask the Mole?

Can Wisdom be put in a silver rod?

Or Love in a golden bowl?”

Why do people lack understanding so much despite the glaring evidences of the way of Truth, the path of reality, the only honest road?

“Wisdom rests in the heart of him that hath understanding: But that which is in the midst of fools is made known Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Prov. 14: 33, 34) With Wisdom and Understanding, it took just twelve Apostles to work with Jesus and plant the world’s largest faith. Rusty keys and golden doors! Though rusty, nevertheless focused, determined, resolute, and unwavering, the golden doors opened for them, and Christianity became the greatest and most accepted faith all over the world.

Success is often pursued by many people without the right set of attitude. This explains why more than 80 per cent of the world’s population lack the good things of life. It takes certain douse of precision for the tire, the solid rubber edgings, to meet the tarred road at a very high-speed, and yet stay inflated and strong while maintaining the balance and the speed of the automobile. The safe landing of the plane from a very high altitude and fast speed involves smart control at the cockpit, good rubber tires and the entire agreement of other aspects of the system to get the desired perfect landing. Any little flop could be very disastrous. The successful life is much like that. Desire, ability, personal development is essential to successful in life.

We all have deep within us the wish to become somebody of note, a champion, a successful person. Look deep within, there lies inside your true purpose and essence of life to act upon. Pursue that dream without a flinch, without a doubt, and go all out for it without looking back. only a real man could partake in the game men play, an amateur would be a misfit. Sadly, the field is replete with so much untrained boys. Why should people decide by accident the kind of life they live, the marriage they contracted, the job they do, the pace they live, etcetera. No deliberate plan or careful preparation for those essential aspects of life! The PC has no room for unnecessary semantics. Garbage in = Garbage out. How could you decide what you will get when you do not know what you are looking for?

Whatever you do without a careful thought, a careful plan, would either hit the rocks or fail to give the desired joy and satisfaction. Many marriages had already collapsed long before consummation, employees had become unhappy long before enlistment, many lives had failed before their birth. Why should intelligent humans subject themselves to doing what they dislike, yet expect good returns? It does not happen like that. Take the right turn to seek to know the deepest desire of your heart, the yearnings of your soul. If you had stumbled into your current vocation, hope is not lost. It is serious business to decide on one’s pursuit for the rest of life. It is great work also to make amends and correct errors of the past at middle-age. But it is much greater fun making amends now than living in self-condemnation and guilt for the rest of life. There was never a time when the right choice of vocation, relationship and life-style meant so much to humans as it does today. Look then to this day, and make the right move now.

We can only be deemed successful if we imbibe the requisite personal and career developmental growth ideals. Seek to realize your dreams legally and meet your goals with fairness unto man and unto God. You may look rusty today, but would soon be opening golden doors if you can burst into action right away, applying the following principles and plan which will kep you well oiled to open golden doors.

1. Believe in God, and in His divine support to guide and lead you into that carefully chosen dream. 2. Believe that you have all it takes to realize your dream, and that you will soon realize them without being unfaithful and dishonest.

3. Set up your plan – What is your dream –make it clear and specific. How do you go about its achievement – make your detailed plan with milestone, dates, and deliverables, life adjustments, necessary trainings to set out in earnest.

4. Take off and begin. A thousand miles journey starts with one crucial step. Make the move.

5. Believe in the principle of the Golden Rule in your dealings with people and organizations – do unto others as you want them do unto you.

6. Do all that is needful day by day towards dream realization, while making daily affirmations of your achievement, not counting on luck or underhanded ideals.

7. Resolve and do the best that anyone could ever do to reach your goals, never relenting, never giving up, not even complaining or dejected in the face of oppositions, attacks, or condemnation. Dedicate yourself to that noble cause. 8. Keep your focus when you make some false moves, taking those failures as stepping-stones to success.

Always remember: Rusty keys would open golden doors when well oiled. Oil your rusty keys.

Human Resources Management is, to the lay man, a management practice which employs and organise staff and workers in such a way that the employer obtains the greatest possible benefit from the abilities of the employees.In return, Human Resources practice equally makes sure that commensurate and adequate provision of material and psychological rewards from such engagement goes to the employees. Sounds a fair deal!

Scientific Management came out of the Industrial Revolution era through the studies of Frederick Taylor. The theories of Motivation, promoted by Abraham H. Maslow and his contemporaries, open the flood gates of care and concern for the employee. All humans seek to meet the following needs:

Physiological needs.

Safety needs.

Love needs.

Esteem needs.

Self-actualization needs.

Human Resources Management brings succor and hope to the employee at a fair cost to the employer. Despite criticism and attacks, the theory of motivation remains a rallying point in the practice of human resources management.  It blends well with the economic and physical needs theory of Karl Marx, the physical and love needs of Sigmund Freud, the esteem needs theory of Alfred Adler, and the self-actualization theory of Goldstein. Every right thinking person seeks to meet certain needs in his life. The United States of America, Western Europe and other true democracies properly understood the theories of motivation and apply them as useful tool in obtaining their respective egalitarian societies.

Most of Africa still try to forge fair and just leadership and governance since the assassination or schematic removal of our founders such as Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Obafemi Awolowo and such true sons of Africa who put the interest of the populace ahead of their own personal pursuits and desires. Other good leaders emerged, but their good intentions have not transformed Africa as desired. Nevertheless, the continent produces continuously brilliant minds and talents that shape the advancement and progress of the world in terms of technology, education, health, international relations, business and the arts, and other facets of our life.

Monopolistic tendencies and oligarchy entrenched by the elites make up the ruling class, leaving the masses far behind in wanton need and abject poverty. This brought about corruption and deprive Africa of badly needed growth and development.  How could many Africans dream of meeting the needs of self-actualization when the basic needs of life – job, health and shelter, are far from being met?  Yet to their chagrin, and rape on their psyche, the élite display brazenly their ill-gotten wealth without shame. This explains why many Africans have left the shores of the continent in pursuit of greener pastures in other lands. “All I’m saying is simply this, that all life is interrelated, that somehow we’re caught in an inescapable network of mutuality tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. For some strange reason, I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. You can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

From the city councils, to the local governments, at the state level and within the central government system, corruption is rife because of greed, and the effect of round pegs in square holes. Nevertheless, hope is not lost. A core aspect of the practice and rules of Human Resources Management is Training and retraining. HR Africa should think along this path as they congregate in Lagos, Nigeria for the HR 2012 Leadership Strategy. The African youth are the vital part of the African population, but they stay disenfranchised from the political system that affects them most. HR Africa is well placed to think beyond employees, and look at the vast potentials inherent in the African youth, desirous of a great future. HR Africa should encourage African youths:

  1. 1.     Votes: Support the training of youths to value the power of their votes. HR Africa should support and engage their organizations to promote programs and activities that would wake up the African youth to the values and privileges inherent in his right to vote and be voted for.
  2. 2.     Votes: Youths from 18 years and above in schools, colleges, universities, trade and training centers, employments and non-employments should understand that the power of true democracy lie in their positive attitude to vote.
  3. 3.     Votes: Support training programs and seminars that withdraw youths from cultish gangs and groups, hooligans, violence and social vices; and encourage them to work with non-governmental and non-partisan associations to promote awareness about correct voting patterns at school, on campuses, and their immediate wards or communities.
  4. 4.     Votes: Encouraged young people to imbibe irreproachable manners and decent attitudes to life and society, to hold themselves in high esteem and dream of a better future while working for it through engagement is social services and positive lifestyle.

With such support from professionals like you, exceptional candidates gets elected, political terrain get transformed, corruption get curtailed, while  productivity and development will improve across the land.  A remarkably efficient and productive public service would emerge to help and support more  productive corporate culture in Africa. This is growth and success – this will prove that HR Africa could transform the continent, not just employees and corporate bodies.

Florence Nightingale is a revered and respected name in the medical profession. She popularized and glorified the teaching profession. Yet, to emerge as a ministering angel unto the British troops in Turkey during the Crimean War, the young Florence persisted steadfastly and repeatedly before her wealthy parents granted her wish for the nursing career. The nurse was lowly regarded in her days.
It is marvelous setting forth on a course or project; it is also a fantastic idea pursuing that project unto the desired conclusion. Despite the challenges of having to work in an unwelcome environment, among military superiors who adamantly opposed her correct and truthful reports, Florence went ahead to secure the survival of sick soldiers and save the wounded and dying ones from the those of hell. She later became a celebrated nurse and a recognized symbol of the nursing profession worldwide.
Life is not a bed of roses, we take the rough phases of life with the smooth edges by and by the desired triumph would manifest. Many business people bank their hopes upon quick yields and prompt returns upon investment. They define their calculations and speculations by the expectations  and assurances of here and now. The internet and advancement in the world of information technology has encouraged movement at a fast pace. Nevertheless, each process must pass through its required course of incubation. We can only learn the lesson and gain the award if we could persevere unrelentingly towards a well-chosen course and path.
It takes perseverance and careful planning to put up the spacecraft. A lot of thinking and experimentation, trials, errors, and then Eureka, Triumph has come.
We must dedicate ourselves, we should persistently persevere in order to succeed in projects such as Space trips, production of automobiles, plants and equipment with high levels of precision, organizational structures and systems, handling government affairs, management of public utilities, and almost in every facet of noble and enduring endeavours of life.

What is your brand ?

What is your aim?

What is your focus?

Have you counted the cost?

Your entire life might depend upon it.

Charles Goodyear discovered vulcanized rubber after a lot of painful and costly trials. While Mr. Goodyear might not have benefited financially from the effort, he left a treasured and enduring legacy for humanity. We use tires and vulcanized rubber in so many ways today across the world.
Alexander Graham Bell had already become a notable teacher of the deaf, a founder of a school for the deaf in Boston, and later a Professor of vocal physiology. What else could one ask for? Well, Bell had fidgeted with a novel idea since he was about 18 years; he was working on a crude idea of telephone communication by word transmutation. He finally had a discovery with his team almost twelve years after he began. Despite the discovery, Bell had financial challenges to set up and commercialize the invention. It was an award and a financial grant from France some years later brought the needed support. Alexander Bell worried less about his lack and persisted further into his work, hoping upon hope. He is a household name today in telecommunication.
There is a triumph in perseverance and an enduring legacy at the tail end of a dedicated life. It takes the unflinching dedication of a man or woman who refused to let go, until he or she carry out the desired goal.
Success in life depends to a large extent upon our perseverance, our concentration of effort to do noble goals. When we lack concentration we fail to reach the epic of our dream, our utmost desire. Gold diggers and diamond miners do not lose focus to gain the valuable gem which lied buried in the earth.
The last line of a worthy life is hereby expressed by Apostle Paul:

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.
Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness:
Which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day.
And not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing”. (2 Tim. 4: 7,8).

What is the aim and the purpose of your life?
What do you live for, and what is the goal?
Triumph lies ahead for a good cause pursued with perseverance!

Great marketers are leaders in peculiar ways and callings. They are great because they radiate the noble characters and traits of the leader.

A leader is a personality that is fair in every vital aspect of life. His personality and disposition towards general issues of life are impeccable, largely untainted. Though human, the leader is an exemplary personality to the people he leads, and project exemplary character for the followers to emulate.

Leaders do not command excellence, they build excellence. Excellence is being the best within the bounds of doing what is right,and best for self, for one’s organization, and for the general good of the society. The leader is a man of good character. This is the core value of success and goal attainment. Remember the leader has to emerge from a low point, build self through challenges, competition, difficulties to come out a winner, a triumphant competitor, a successful person.

The character of a man speaks volumes. We learn much and know him better through his traits and personal qualities. A person is fit or unfit for an appointment or post by the virtue of his character,his traits, qualifications, and attitudes. He is upright or not because of the virtues he uphold, the characteristics of his traits and attitudes in current and past positions and places.

How do we gain character?

We develop and built character within the core elements of our beliefs, values, skills, and traits, the  distinguishing qualities elements and mannerisms of the man.

Beliefs: These are opinions and reasons of faith and dogmatic ideas that are closely held to the heart, they shape our focus and outlook as they are deeply rooted within.

Values: Values are standards in moral ethics about the attitudes of people, their worth, concepts and tenets on such things held from the past.

Skills We gain and improve in abilities, cleverness, and knowledge as we go through life. A rolling stone gathers much sand.

Traits are distinguishing qualities or characteristics of a person, while Character is the total of these traits. The depth and strength of human character lies within her moral reserves. People show themselves completely only when disturbed out of the customary conditions of their life, for only then do they have to fall back on their reserve.  One could be vilified or denounced by friendly foes and outright detractors, it is our character that make us overcome such enemies at the end, because one’s impeccable and innocent character would speak for him so powerfully, most often without words, that the on-looking public will agree to our innocence of such false allegations.

Traits of a Good Leader

Honesty  Often called the best policy.

Competence — Ability to gain cleverness in training and experience, to the point of performing the ability very well.

Intelligent — To be mentally alert, sensible and rational. Ability to handle challenging projects and assignments, reading and study competently.

Imaginative —Ability to handle original thoughts, to visualize and show creativity in thinking, methods and plans. Ability to forge good ideas and innovations while proffering solutions to problems.

Fair-minded — The ability to treat others without prejudice no matter what. This is the willingness to display and dole out virtues of empathy towards the feelings, interests, values and general well-being of others.

Broad-minded — The ability to go out of one’s comfort zone and make effort to support others, especially those in adversity, difficulty or danger.

Forward-looking — The ability to look into the future with better prospects. positive minded people often set goals with the dream that the outcome would be as envisaged.

Inspiring — The ability to endure and bear challenges with confidence and hope through mental, physical, and spiritual stamina which equally inspire others to gain hope and confidence for better outcome.

Courageous — The ability to persevere and complete a task, fulfill a dream, and realize a goal regardless of difficulties, challenges, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Helen Keller displayed confident calmness and uncommon courage through her many handicaps.

Straightforward — The ability to bring forth sound judgment and apply it to make good decisions at the right time. Imaginative — The ability to make prompt  changes in one’s thinking, plans, and methods. Such people often display creativity by thinking of new and better goals, ideas, and solutions to problems.

Other character traits include Bearing for one another, Courage, Decisiveness, Dependability, Endurance, Enthusiasm, Initiative, Integrity, Judgment, Justice, knowledge, Loyalty, Tact, Unselfishness, and others. Jean Piaget produced groundbreaking studies which revealed that children are not miniature adults, they have their characteristic mind. However, they undergo the three basic developmental stages of Sensorimotor, Pre-operational, and Concrete operations, and two adolescent stages of Abstract Thoughts and Deductive Reasoning in an orderly form to build their traits and character, with the influence and impact of  natureandnurture, to encourage or discourage one trait or another throughout the developmental stages or phases, and beyond. Home environment and family influence combine with in-born qualities, personal training, experience and exposures to form the character of a man.

With great events and fanfare, summer 2012 arrived through sports and games in England. The United States continue in true democracy and campaign in the race for the White House, while the focus and prayers of the world was for a quick resolution of the crisis in Syria and other trouble spots around the world.

It will soon be Christmas, and a new year would soon emerge few days after Yuletide.

Winter, spring, summer and fall are the traditional seasons of the year in temperate regions. The tropics only have the rains and the dry season. A complete cycle of the calendar makes a whole year, during which all that survived the year gain in age and experience. September marks the end of summer, and the beginning of fall when children goes back to school, and parents generally cough out more money to meet the needs of the school-bound children and students.

Success in our work and enterprises determines our ability to meet financial obligations and live responsibly in the society.


It is great gain to dedicate time and talent towards goal attainment and dream realization.

We can only be passionate about what we hold in high regard, what has great value and importance to us. Our goal would become a passion when it is so nursed and kept to the heart as the only thing desired above anything else. Dreams are dreams no matter when and who set it. Our goals would stand out if only we could pursue them with passion, with complete dedication. Any man of substance and respect dignify himself through his attainment, achievement and all he conquers. Human beings have the natural tendency for lofty heights and noble achievements. Thus we are passionate to realize the dreams we have set. A man of substance dedicates his energy, his moral forces and will-power to the singular passion that has engrossed and absorbed him all over.

  • Your goals should express your passion to work through, and the dedication to gain victory in the face of unforeseen hindrances.


  • Make your goal clear and sensible, quantifiable and discernible. Make them achievable within set time and basic parameters, divisible into aggregated milestones.


  • A passionate goal overwhelms the man, guiding him headlong into realistic attainment.


  • A goal driven by passion does not prevent regular updates and improvements, rather we review and update them when necessary.


What is success?

There is success where there is passion and dedication for a certain idea, duty or task which holds an exceptional place in the heart; and would not let go, because it is so desired and wholeheartedly determined for attainment, never mind whatever everybody else is doing.

Do you miss out in your yearly resolutions for 2012?

Welcome to September welcome into fall.

With passion, you could still make up and do exploits within the remaining four months of the year. That is the mark of a man of purpose, and of fervor.

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