With great events and fanfare, summer 2012 arrived through sports and games in England. The United States continue in true democracy and campaign in the race for the White House, while the focus and prayers of the world was for a quick resolution of the crisis in Syria and other trouble spots around the world.

It will soon be Christmas, and a new year would soon emerge few days after Yuletide.

Winter, spring, summer and fall are the traditional seasons of the year in temperate regions. The tropics only have the rains and the dry season. A complete cycle of the calendar makes a whole year, during which all that survived the year gain in age and experience. September marks the end of summer, and the beginning of fall when children goes back to school, and parents generally cough out more money to meet the needs of the school-bound children and students.

Success in our work and enterprises determines our ability to meet financial obligations and live responsibly in the society.


It is great gain to dedicate time and talent towards goal attainment and dream realization.

We can only be passionate about what we hold in high regard, what has great value and importance to us. Our goal would become a passion when it is so nursed and kept to the heart as the only thing desired above anything else. Dreams are dreams no matter when and who set it. Our goals would stand out if only we could pursue them with passion, with complete dedication. Any man of substance and respect dignify himself through his attainment, achievement and all he conquers. Human beings have the natural tendency for lofty heights and noble achievements. Thus we are passionate to realize the dreams we have set. A man of substance dedicates his energy, his moral forces and will-power to the singular passion that has engrossed and absorbed him all over.

  • Your goals should express your passion to work through, and the dedication to gain victory in the face of unforeseen hindrances.


  • Make your goal clear and sensible, quantifiable and discernible. Make them achievable within set time and basic parameters, divisible into aggregated milestones.


  • A passionate goal overwhelms the man, guiding him headlong into realistic attainment.


  • A goal driven by passion does not prevent regular updates and improvements, rather we review and update them when necessary.


What is success?

There is success where there is passion and dedication for a certain idea, duty or task which holds an exceptional place in the heart; and would not let go, because it is so desired and wholeheartedly determined for attainment, never mind whatever everybody else is doing.

Do you miss out in your yearly resolutions for 2012?

Welcome to September welcome into fall.

With passion, you could still make up and do exploits within the remaining four months of the year. That is the mark of a man of purpose, and of fervor.

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