Character – the Hallmark of true leaders!

Great marketers are leaders in peculiar ways and callings. They are great because they radiate the noble characters and traits of the leader.

A leader is a personality that is fair in every vital aspect of life. His personality and disposition towards general issues of life are impeccable, largely untainted. Though human, the leader is an exemplary personality to the people he leads, and project exemplary character for the followers to emulate.

Leaders do not command excellence, they build excellence. Excellence is being the best within the bounds of doing what is right,and best for self, for one’s organization, and for the general good of the society. The leader is a man of good character. This is the core value of success and goal attainment. Remember the leader has to emerge from a low point, build self through challenges, competition, difficulties to come out a winner, a triumphant competitor, a successful person.

The character of a man speaks volumes. We learn much and know him better through his traits and personal qualities. A person is fit or unfit for an appointment or post by the virtue of his character,his traits, qualifications, and attitudes. He is upright or not because of the virtues he uphold, the characteristics of his traits and attitudes in current and past positions and places.

How do we gain character?

We develop and built character within the core elements of our beliefs, values, skills, and traits, the  distinguishing qualities elements and mannerisms of the man.

Beliefs: These are opinions and reasons of faith and dogmatic ideas that are closely held to the heart, they shape our focus and outlook as they are deeply rooted within.

Values: Values are standards in moral ethics about the attitudes of people, their worth, concepts and tenets on such things held from the past.

Skills We gain and improve in abilities, cleverness, and knowledge as we go through life. A rolling stone gathers much sand.

Traits are distinguishing qualities or characteristics of a person, while Character is the total of these traits. The depth and strength of human character lies within her moral reserves. People show themselves completely only when disturbed out of the customary conditions of their life, for only then do they have to fall back on their reserve.  One could be vilified or denounced by friendly foes and outright detractors, it is our character that make us overcome such enemies at the end, because one’s impeccable and innocent character would speak for him so powerfully, most often without words, that the on-looking public will agree to our innocence of such false allegations.

Traits of a Good Leader

Honesty  Often called the best policy.

Competence — Ability to gain cleverness in training and experience, to the point of performing the ability very well.

Intelligent — To be mentally alert, sensible and rational. Ability to handle challenging projects and assignments, reading and study competently.

Imaginative —Ability to handle original thoughts, to visualize and show creativity in thinking, methods and plans. Ability to forge good ideas and innovations while proffering solutions to problems.

Fair-minded — The ability to treat others without prejudice no matter what. This is the willingness to display and dole out virtues of empathy towards the feelings, interests, values and general well-being of others.

Broad-minded — The ability to go out of one’s comfort zone and make effort to support others, especially those in adversity, difficulty or danger.

Forward-looking — The ability to look into the future with better prospects. positive minded people often set goals with the dream that the outcome would be as envisaged.

Inspiring — The ability to endure and bear challenges with confidence and hope through mental, physical, and spiritual stamina which equally inspire others to gain hope and confidence for better outcome.

Courageous — The ability to persevere and complete a task, fulfill a dream, and realize a goal regardless of difficulties, challenges, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Helen Keller displayed confident calmness and uncommon courage through her many handicaps.

Straightforward — The ability to bring forth sound judgment and apply it to make good decisions at the right time. Imaginative — The ability to make prompt  changes in one’s thinking, plans, and methods. Such people often display creativity by thinking of new and better goals, ideas, and solutions to problems.

Other character traits include Bearing for one another, Courage, Decisiveness, Dependability, Endurance, Enthusiasm, Initiative, Integrity, Judgment, Justice, knowledge, Loyalty, Tact, Unselfishness, and others. Jean Piaget produced groundbreaking studies which revealed that children are not miniature adults, they have their characteristic mind. However, they undergo the three basic developmental stages of Sensorimotor, Pre-operational, and Concrete operations, and two adolescent stages of Abstract Thoughts and Deductive Reasoning in an orderly form to build their traits and character, with the influence and impact of  natureandnurture, to encourage or discourage one trait or another throughout the developmental stages or phases, and beyond. Home environment and family influence combine with in-born qualities, personal training, experience and exposures to form the character of a man.

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