Choosing the Good Quality of Life

It is the inalienable right of man to seek personal growth and development to the highest level possible. Organizations strive and compete to become the leader among their ranks and file. In the same vein, a man should seek for the best quality of life and strive for the best personal development possible.

The general well-being of people and societies decide the value of life they live. In a global survey to find the true value of life lived by people dwelling in various nations of the world using the following criteria.

Cost of living

Culture and leisure






Safety and risk

These nine categories are the fundamental issues of life that makes life meaningful as citizens or dwellers in a particular nation. How did the nations of the world measure on the scale? The top ten nations on this scale were France, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Luxembourg, United States of America, Belgium, Canada, and Italy. It should surprise us that some so-called powerful and powerful nations of the world did not make it to the top ten on the chart. Corruption and greed, inept leadership and poor governance were responsible for the failure of many nations to do well in this study. The elites of many poor nations invest stolen wealth in the capital cities and metropolitan hot spots of the world for their personal benefits while their nationals wallow in poverty. Failure to develop their nation equally amount to failure to develop their nationals.

Most millionaires are self-made wealthy people; the great bulk of rich folks started their way to riches with little or nothing. Success in any attempt could only come through personal determination. Nations and national leaders that fail to realize, imbibe, and practice this truism will always lag behind to offer excellent life infrastructure for their people and their nation.

Remember that Warren Buffet has been doing what he has always been doing for many years, getting smarter and richer by the day. Bill Gates started with nothing, but with focus and commitment, he became the richest man on Earth.

Frederick Douglas was a slave who believed in his freedom, demanded his freedom, and fought for his freedom. Frederick fought his master to gain fair treatment. He escaped from slavery and ran away into freedom. However, he returned later to make amends with his former masters. He was a self-made man, started from nothing but faith in his vision, his purpose. All self-made wealthy and successful people have these traits in common. Do you have it, or have what it takes?

These people do not believe in failure.

They are so consumed by their goals and dreams that they could not be hindered by any negative force.

They so much believe in themselves, and their abilities to reach set goals. Such people do not indulge in inferiority complex neither are they bothered by the other smart guy next door.

These kinds of people never doubt or flinch, not even for a second, that they could do that which they set out to do.

What clear vision do you have about self and lifestyle?

What positive steps have you taken about this vision, to make it real that is?

Has those positive steps transformed that vision or idea into concrete goal that you can pen down and proudly read to yourself?

Once you discover the correlation between your vision and your natural talents, work hard to build up the talent so that it would complement or boost the vision.

Go all out for adequate training, attitude adjustments and other positive moves that will enhance your knowledge and ability to reach the desired goal.

Learn to trust your instincts and be proficient at making quick decisions.

Learn from exemplary mentors, respect them and earn their approval. By and by you would soon become a mentor on your own merit. But flee from self-proclaimed gurus before they ruin your program.

Strongly believe you can, and do everything legal and noble to discipline yourself as you pursue your dream.

Get top grips with your craft, and be the number one in your business.

Take reasonable calculated risks and bear whatever inconvenience and discomforts necessary to help you reach your goal.

Regular physical exercise and ideal diet will keep your body in shape with impact on your soul.

Take work and its finest outcomes seriously, but find time for rest regularly.

Partake in personal and communal selfless services without seeking reward, recognition or benefit.

Mingle with the rich so that you become wealthy, associate with successful people to make you successful.

Be firm, be sure, be true at it, without giving up!

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