Freedom is the inalienable right of every human being as power has been given him from date of creation. The state of freedom, the condition of liberty or unhindered movement without confinement or restraint is the expectation of every child born into the world. External control, interference and/or unwarranted regulation that is akin to lack of personal liberty is an anathema to normal humans.

Among all nations of the world, the United States of America stand out as an abode of freedom, a resting place of liberty. Populated by immigrants from all ethnic groups, cultures and locations across the world, the United States of America became the desired Cape of Good Hope on which persecuted and oppressed Pilgrims, the Founding Fathers, landed and obtained rest for their weary hearts.

“O what can ail thee, Knight at arms?” La Belle dame sans Merci! Freedom may not always mean being free after all, liberty may not necessarily mean that independence is fully guaranteed. The Founding Fathers were freeborn English men and women, free to live and practice their faith within the confines of their land and domain as Protestants, far removed from the controls of the Pope. Somehow, they caught the ire of the King of England and persecution set in, freedom was withdrawn. They fled to Holland, and came back home, to board the Mayflower into Cape Cod, Plymouth Colony, today’s New England.

Freedom connotes free will, liberty, rights, civil liberties and political freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of commerce and trade, freedom of association and assembly, freedom of study, learning and other aspects of education including science and the arts. Freedom also places upon us the burden of moral responsibility. By maintaining a sizeable nest egg, you could face and overcome financial tragedies. Freedom also expect you to respect the legal and constitutional views of other people.

But how oft has he followed La Belle into “elfin grot”, how many times has man decided a thing without giving heed to the inner guide, the cautions and warnings from the Spirit within. How could a Knight at arms, a proven general and noble man in wars and battles lose respect, dignity, and honor, even life itself, all just for a moment in the arms of a strange maiden? There is always the burden of moral responsibility in the course of executing our liberty. In all thy getting, get wisdom, wisdom is the major element, the principal thing, warned the sage.

Humans are often confronted with challenges in business as well as in general aspects of life. Organizational system, management strategies and practice, marketing mix and sales efforts, are the key areas of a thriving business set up. Without a system, obviously there is no organization. The system distinguishes the men from the boys; it reveals the professional from the mediocre. A simple taste does not necessarily mean the cheap quality, but most probably the best. Business is about meeting a need and making many profit. There would be poor business or no business at all where there are no sales. These are serious aspects of our discovery which demand our care, and must be  handled without an iota of doubt, discouragement and despair. Go into thy enterprise with full conviction on the path you have calculated and thought well to tread. Your conviction will lead you through.

The Purists had a system while in England, despite oppositions. There was no doubt about their decision and the determination to follow through. They were not discouraged in the face of opposition.Driven and pursued into Holland, the did not despair when what they found in the Netherlands did not meet their expectations, rather they hoped upon hope. Remember they did not know about the opportunities in the New World while they fled to Holland. Charles Golding aptly said “being lucky means thinking out your problems so that when the opportunity arises you can take advantage of it”. The pilgrims had readied themselves before their luck arrived to transfer to the free world.

What do you make of doubts?

David had no doubt, he killed Goliath.

Daniel had no doubt, he survived the lions’ den.

Paul had no doubt he survived all persecutions and attacks.

According to Ross Perot, “business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers. Finally, business is a cobweb of human relationships”.

What exceptional service or product did you decide to offer humanity with. To make it grand and unique, highly rewarding and pleasant to all and sundry, you should cast out all discouragement and despair, with total focus and persistence on your goal.

Miracle often comes to those who expect it, who thirst for it, long for it, and seek it wholeheartedly. A business breakthrough and a unique product or service are often the outcome of persistent effort, well thought out and passionately delivered as envisioned by the great imagination of creative thinking. What is your logo, whither your style?

Success in business, like in any kind of worthy attempt, would only come through desire, determination, discipline, and diligence. Anything short of this will not hit the mark, and your product or service will always come out short of winning the top spot. Remember, the Pilgrims or the Founding Fathers were not the first Europeans or stranger in the New World. But the Pilgrims came to America with a strategy, a plan with an unflinching focus. Their constitution, and then the core principles of the constitution of the United States were struck on The Mayflower, right on the vessel before they disembarked. They set their desires in spoken words, written words as well their actions.

Upon their arrival in 1620, the Pilgrims had a system – a business plan in their new abode. Business was remorseful and terrible in the course of their settlement, but they were determined, disciplined, and diligently worked to master the new ground, the unfamiliar terrain. They befriended the natives and learnt from them.

What was the outcome?

The Pilgrims, in the Fall of 1621, along with their neighbors – the Native Americans, shared a bountiful harvest of corn and beans, fish, chicken, and games in joy and happiness with each other. They exchanged gifts and pleasantries, and that was the first American Thanksgiving.

Howdy, my brother, my sister. Business will be successful when we get at it in the right way. Remember the organizational system, the management or method, the right product or service and the market. With successful business, freedom is assured, and there would always be Thanksgiving.

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