Winning Ways – Don’t quit!

Rob Schultz of once said, with explanations, that success seems to find you, multiply, and stick around for a long, long time when you chose the marketing avenue that is a perfect match for you:
that leverages a talent. A strength. An interest. An asset you already have. Something you are already adept at. Or would love to get good at.

People that fail to discover and harness their core interest end up with the bandwagon effect. Such people move with the crowd because everybody else is going towards that direction. They follow the crowd, go where the crowd goes, and do what the crowd did. Yet we are created with unique gift or talent for a decent living if well tapped and harnessed.
As such copy-cats were not cut out for where the crowd was going or what the crowd was doing, they soon drop off to start some other bizarre things all again. They quit too soon and never get started again.

Successful people who have ever done anything of matchless worth get motivated, not by money or sheer desire for success, but rather by the challenge of the enterprise, stimulation, responsibility to finish off the project, the drive for achievement, and the urge to gain satisfaction in a determined pursuit.

Standard Oil

John D. Rockefeller realized that Americans had poor lights, yet oil was plenty, but not many could refine the crude. He partnered with Samuel Andrews, a chemical genius who knew the mechanism of crude refinement. Andrews was the organization’s brain box, but John D was never dull at learning. Starting out in 1870, Standard Oil picked up from a single barrel a day of refined petroleum to become big in that sector.
Though the key figure in their operations, impatience and temperamental attitude led Andrews to resign and walk away in prime time. Rockefeller paid him a sum that was hefty in those days, and took over his interests. Standard Oil grew astronomically as the main crude and petroleum oil-producing giant, transporting and marketing refined product into many parts of the United States. Andrews was not there anymore, and did not seem better-off afterwards. There is no discredit coming to a man who finished his life’s endeavor in unfinished achievement.

Ford Motor Company

When Henry Ford started to build his first automobile, he had a zeal fired by sheer confidence in an expected outcome. But halfway into the project he was almost giving up. He had caught a new idea, he saw the vision of a better automobile, and decided to dump the ongoing project for the newly envisioned car. Somehow he reminded himself that he was picking up essential knowledge on the current project that would come handy on the new vision. Though hard pressed to quit and move on to something else, he just refused to quit. He persevered, completed the first car from the back of his apartment, and Eureka! the famous Ford Motor Company was born, and our mode of transportation was totally revolutionized. Behind every success story lies a particularly dark period of despondency or serious challenges that would almost snuff life out of the accomplishment. Never quit too soon.

“He which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:6). With a resolve to conquer the world, dismaying circumstances may shock us into unexpected anxiety. Remember that every long journey has detours we must take along with the smooth paths. Never try to stop at the first barrier if there is no thoroughfare, there is always a way around. Be a Napoleon, create a pass even if The Alps prevent your movement.  All great men of history, Sir Walter Scott, Cecil Rhodes, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, had their tough moments of despair, but refused to quit as they focused on the fantastic instance of attainment.

“Success is failure turned inside out –
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt –
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you are hardest hit –
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit.”

Apple Computers

Two friends, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack, started Apple Computers and took on a third partner. In 1976, Jobs and Wozniack held 90 % of Apple Computers’ stock between them while the third partner held the remaining 10%. This partner decided not to risk his little fortune for the emerging company, he returned his 10% stock holding for a paltry $800. That year Apple had a sales report of $174,000, and $2.7 million the following year in 1977. 1980 saw Apple making about $117 million in record sales. And the rise continues to this day. By keeping faith with a focus on their passion and dream, the first co-founders were able to gain the fruit of hard labor. Had that partner kept his 10% stock, he would have been worth over US $58 billion today!

The Statue of David

The quitter never wins, and the winner never quits. That young Florentine artist, Baccelino started the project The Statue of David, he met challenges with the work, quit, went into decline and later died. Other attempts failed to complete the work. The famed Carrara marble selected for the project lied wasting in the open for many years.
Sighting the neglected marble lump one day, Michaelangelo carefully looked at the misshapen marble form laying a waste in the yard, and caught an inspiration. He went to works with a dream and a determination. The job got finished in good time, and thus one of the greatest work of art in the world was produced, not by the original attempts, but by Michaelangelo, winning where quitters had failed.

Never be too soon to quit.

We would always overcome our challenges by and by if we keep pushing with a remarkably clear focus.

Our problems would always be solved if we add more grit, and study the problem without giving up the goal. Solution often comes to those who seek her earnestly.

One day at a time, one push after another, you will soon realize that those heaps of difficulties and mountains of problems are leveled and made into plains while you rejoice in victory.

Transform your life and become an ardent believer in possibilities.

So long there are always dark spots within the bright sky, you will surely have your dark days and difficult moments;

raise your sights and focus above the dark clouds, and you would see bright possibilities that lay ahead. If you could look up, you will see them and find them, because they are always there.

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