Perseverance, Determination or Sheer Grit?

Vice-President of The United States of America, Joe Biden.

Vice-President Joe Biden of The United States of America.

Your gain – from an unlikely source!

But it is your gain, alright.

Business and politics may not sound as good bedfellows. However, politics has brought some good business for discussion and learning today.

Your personal growth and development is an embodiment of what takes place around you, your reaction to them, and your moves for maximum gains from them.  As it boils down to the age-old dichotomy of nature and nature, you bet you need perseverance, determination, or sheer grit, or a rather good blend of those principles to face the challenges of living a fulfilled life these days.

You are the central figure, the actor, the hero of the movie, or the main personae of the unending drama constantly unfolding day by day around your life. Therefore you must not die or walk off stage. Film heroes often outlast every other actor to witness the successful end of the drama.

The vice-presidential debate had come and gone, yet the ripples, the reports and analysis are very much in the discussions here and there.

Here is your gain.

Commitment and perseverance!

Hopefully, you have finally set up on a course to fulfill your dream and realize your goals.

Expectantly, you are on the pathway to meet your goals, as you have dreamt of it, and planned to realize it.

Most often you would have challenges. There would be some flip-flops here and there, some false starts, and other situations that did not add up as you have calculated.

Don’t quit, feel happy! Is that not the advice of your mentor?


Because winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win.

Heather Dominick, a very successful coach of once said that “you do not need a fancy website, a huge email list, thousands of twitter followers or have a Facebook Fan Page. These are great tools, but not the “magic marketing bullets” that you might want to make them.”  We usually put our faith in some little gods that we have created, and when they disappoint, we feel dejected and quit.

Remember, winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win.

James Cameron’s groundbreaking 3D epic science fiction, Avatar, is a great lesson in this regard. Premiered in London on December 10,2009, the trailer went ahead to break several box office records, and eventually became the highest-grossing film of all time. Nominated for nine Academy Awards, it won in three categories – Cinematography, Visual Effects and Art direction. As a result of the great waves the movie had garnered over the months into the Oscars season, Cameron’s project was highly expected to pick the Director’s award at the Oscar’s. Avatar was not good enough to win the laurels he rightfully deserves at the prominent event. The great guy in Cameron is moving on to do even greater feats. What would you have done?

Vice-President Joe Biden, Jr., is the 47th and current Vice President of the United States of America, jointly elected with President Barack Obama. He became one of the youngest candidates ever elected into the Senate of the United States of America when he got the ticket at age 29.

But it was a mixed bag of fortune for the young Senator as his wife, Neilia, and their 1-year old daughter were killed in an auto-crash, which also left two other young sons critically injured shortly after his landslide victory into the Capitol.

Joe Biden was sworn into Senate at his sons’ hospital bedside. He was known to shuttle by train everyday between the hospital bedside of his sons and the Senate to give equal attention to family and state. Twice he ran for the office of the President of The United States of America, twice he failed, once in utter humiliation. Vice-President Joe Biden accepted his faith, yet trudged headlong, believing in a course he had set for self many years before. He became a loyal, trusted and dedicated team player with a former primary opponent, Barrack Obama.

This week’s vice-presidential debate was a point of recognition for who Joe Biden actually is, what he stands for, and what great things he is capable of doing. It did not just start that night.

Life tragedies often have their tonic effect on our personalities and ability to resolve to make our dreams come through, no matter what. The story of Oprah Winfrey and her rise to stardom is a great reminder of the wonderful possibilities in man. Rhonda Byrne wrote a great book titled The Secret after she had went to a very low point in life because of the loss of a very close parent.

What is the Secret? It will be great fun to find out.

Surprisingly, the secret of The Secret lies in another epic, Wallace D. WattlesThe Science of Getting Rich.

“Thinking does make it so” is a famous adage from time immemorial. Our thoughts are the great foundation for our faith. Optimistic thoughts portend positive attitudes towards life, which is faith. Faith without works is dead.  We must take persistent goal-focused actions to prove our faith.

Remember that Joe Biden did not flinch from disaster to be sworn into office after some heart-wrenching tragedies. He boldly served his term dutifully, while caring for his hospitalized kids from day-to-day, yet tending to other life issues and challenges.

Steven Covey’s best-seller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People prescribes the seven vital habits required to be effective. The book is a fantastic presentation of the seven sequences of the nitty-gritty of personal development.

It is made available to you free of charge, courtesy of  Loyaltepays:

: Seven Habits: a dedication to Stephen R. Covey

Habit 1 – Be Proactive

The first habit is to focus our attention and efforts upon the essence or purpose in life, that is, the long-term goal, thinking about the goal or long-term consequences of our actions. Form the habit of having a dream, define your vision, and set goals that are quantifiable and measurable as you move progressively towards the mark of dream attainment while using your time adequately.

Habit 2 – Begin with the End in Mind

Define what is important to you and set about its attainment working around all essential limits for and against that goal. You always find yourself bogged down to a standstill if you fail to successfully clarify the challenges here, and develop the habit to overcome those challenges to forge ahead.

Habit 3 – First Things First

Those vital and important issues that you may also find urgent to you would always guide your crucial decision-making. Plotting the concepts of urgency and importance against each other defines where you spend your time and upon what you dissipate your energy. Once you have defined your purpose and goal in life, the next thing is to set your priorities.

Habit 4 – Think Win Win

A win win attitude is the habit of settlement between two opinions without a compromise. The win win attitude make us seek solutions to divergent issues or opposing opinions in truth without unfair advantage to any party.

Habit 5 – Seek First to Understand, then be Understood

Premiered on the Golden Rule principle, this habit boosts inter-personal relationships as we seek to understand the other party in the effort to make the opposition read our clear intentions. Though our mind is oft to seek suspicion and misunderstanding, this habit guides one to apply quality time and effort to understand the other party, and thus get good interpersonal relationship as the two parties end up understanding each other in a win win situation.

Habit 6 – Synergize 

This habit involves brainstorming with colleagues or other parties to creatively produce solution to a problem in the win-win spirit of earlier habits. Synergy – the wonderful idea whereby the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Habit 7 – Sharpen the Saw

Sharpen the Saw. You, as the saw, got sharpened you are the saw; and in Sharpening the Saw you become better, keener and more effective. Highly Effective People always take time to Sharpen the Saw to keep their wits, intellect, abilities, and capabilities as most effective as ever.

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