Dr. Nelson Mandela                      Dr. Nelson Mandela, Former President of The Republic of south Africa.

Tai was a little boy of seven when he experienced the most painful experience in his life. As he grew up, he never forgot that mistake and its bitter consequences.
He found a penny in a corner of the room, and decided not to report the find to her mother. Tai took the money with him to school the following day. This day, Frank, a troublesome classmate, stole a penny from Danielle’s loose pocket and quickly spent it to buy candy. He was not discovered.
As Danielle cried for her stolen penny, the class teacher searched all the pupils, a penny was found on Tai. He found himself in an extremely tight corner. He could not convince his classmates that the money was not Danielle’s; neither could he prove to the teacher that he did not steal, nor his mother, that he took the penny from home. He was intensely bitter, hated himself, and promised never to lose his integrity ever again. He kept faith with that pledge.

There is a danger in living a lie. The consciousness of living a false or double life is reflected in the lack of peace in the mind. While trying to gain the good opinion of others, one is constantly overwhelmed and submerged by his guilty conscience which would soon consume and shatter him over time, leading to outright failure and exposure. Somehow, the false mantle he was trying to cover up is turned out in the open to the ridicule of everyone.

Integrity is that revered idea of constancy and reliability of actions and expectations, values and methods, principles and measures, whereby a person or some people say what they mean, they mean almost very precisely what they say, and they do, would do, that which they had resolved to do or said they would do.
Integrity is the opposite of hypocrisy. It is being what you are. We have integrity when we adhere to sound moral and ethical principles and practices, impeccable character, and general attitude of honesty in all dealings and transactions. An object, a working implement,  or a mechanism is in a state of integrity if found in perfect condition, sound and unimpaired state, readily fit to execute the functions and operations for which it was designed.

Maintaining a clear conscience before God and man is the great desire of all of us, but only few of us could so decide to attain that high level of manhood. It is not the parental support or the connections that we have; it is neither education, nor culture, nor opportunities that make the man of high net worth that is, the great man. Rather, it is his personal powers and sterling integrity. There is always a strong demand for men of ability and integrity. Ability and integrity defines the successful man who maintains downright honesty and strict principles of life. As we aspire to be successful, we should understand that lasting success in any calling is gained through principles of trustworthiness, sobriety, integrity, fidelity, ability, industry and enthusiasm. These are the principles that mark the successful man. These are the principles that separate the truly magnificent and successful men from the cheats, the lousy men of questionable wealth and ill-gotten riches.

Integrity Code
Since ethics is recognized as the main code or cipher of morality, our conduct as humans is governed by ethical moral principles. The most desirable principal standards of conduct are hinged on:.
Happiness or pleasure
Duty, virtue or obligation
– the harmonious development of human potential to its fullest or highest level.

People of Low Integrity
A dishonest person is a person of low integrity.
An apologetic person, ever-seeking for reasons to justify performances that are below par is of low integrity.
A person who thinks others are not suitable, and accuse them often without justification is a person of low integrity.
Low integrity personalities demonstrate impulsive attitudes, such as jumping into action without deep or careful thoughts on patterns to take or the consequences that will fall out of such actions.
A person who is quick to rush into judgment, who condemns without facts or proof, and often support retributive measures at all cost, is deemed to have low integrity.

How to develop in Integrity

Like money saved in the bank, integrity and character are formed and built over time and could not be easily eroded. As Rome is not built in one day, integrity is not formed or developed overnight. One has to work at personality traits and principles which encourage the formation of compelling characters and integrity to be able to acquire the desired characteristics of a man of integrity.

1. Strive to understand the character of integrity and pursue its attainment.
2. Apply essential moral principles that put you on an irreproachable moral standing in your work and community.
3. Make necessary personal and social adjustments in life patterns, at any level, no matter the age, to enhance your integrity and command genuine respect from your community.
4. Life throws back to you whatever you throw at life. We have Buffet Law today because Warren Buffet had sewed faithfully from a long time ago the seeds that would put his name on the global scale. Other rich folks are not so dedicated and truthful about such matters. They may have taken some smart moves or unethical short cuts that looked “not illegal” then, but later became criminal activities when the racket was busted. Such unwise actions often rob us of whatever credibility we might think we had garnered over the years.
5. Keep correct scale or standards. Never try to rob Peter to pay Paul. Keep accurate records and keep up true at all cost. Keep straight and truthful account of all transactions without attempts to help from them unworthily.
6. Never make commitments you could not fulfill. Make sure you follow your actions through without cutting corners on any assignment you signed on. You sell yourself short at any time you give excuses.
7. Apply due process in all transactions and project implementation. Never take undue advantage of the organization, colleagues, relatives, friends or contemporaries. Try not to make unfair gains. Do not seek unmerited favors, or demand preferential treatment. Bribery, flattering and threatening is the currencies of the lowly, the undignified members of the society, no matter how much wealth or riches they may claim to own.
8. Be on guard and avoid destructive manners such as tale bearing, especially of superiors and colleagues. Refrain from gossiping, unnecessary arguments and undue jokes and jests. Be above-board and control your manners and attitudes all the time. Never partake in the evil acts of other men.
9. Listen how to listen to the inner voice all the time. Learn to hear this voice, as it will guide and lead you out of trouble and danger. The inner voice will speak softly and gently in the form of suggestions to lead you aright. The voice will leave you if you grieve him and discountenance his counsel time after time.

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