Managing for Successful Marketing Profitability

Management is a great fundamental tool that is very essential in the handling of the day-to-day marketing activities and general business. We are in business for the singular purpose of attaining set goals and desired objectives, which often hinges on profit.

The manager, therefore, is that person who plans, leads, organizes, delegates, controls, and evaluates in the dire attempt to meet set targets and desired goals.

Management is as old as man because every aspect of human activity has one management function or another. Managers are, therefore, expected to be responsible people, groomed to execute planned schemes and deliver set goals. They would succeed if high standards are maintained in handling their work.

Before the day’s work, managers need to think well and follow laid down principles and routines to avoid mistakes, often called human error.

Wonder why mistakes should not be left as mistakes, but has to be tagged as human errors. What does it mean to be human? How do we become good managers?

In management studies, there are many theories of human development, each one of which tries to explain some vital aspect of the management function and equation.

The challenge to man has always been the following:

  1. The application of management theoriesand practice into our daily lives and routines.
  2. How human developmentand technological advancement can offer desired crucial framework for the organization of people and the running of systems and facilities in a knowledge based environment.

Since Management started from the cradle of man, every aspect of our daily activity is therefore, a function of one aspect or the other of management theory and practice. This makes everyone a manager at one level or another. You manage your washing machine as much as you take good care of your lawn mower, and of course, the maintenance and operation or driving of your automobile.

Moving from Overwhelmed to Organized

How we react to shocks and sudden occurrences in life depicts our preparedness to face challenges as they come. It also reveals the way we make judgments and take correct decisions and actions during crisis. Management help man to see the crisis before it strikes, and plan to escape the danger. It takes adequate management principles and models to transform from an overwhelmed business condition into the desired organized entrepreneurial practice that guarantee success and profitability. We virtually put a working system in place which keeps the business operation in a seamless working condition from time to time. This is the time when management could guarantee the profitability and success of the business or enterprise.

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