Life Setback that makes the Breakout Star

Almost every truly successful man and woman in life have one challenge or another to contend with before they meet success. You hardly come about truly successful people without any difficulty or harrowing experience before their discovery. But, surprisingly many small guys looking for success often seek after the cheat-sheet, the short-cut, and the easy route without stress. What a strange world.

Think of the great stress and discomfort Demosthenes went through to emerge the greatest Orator in ancient Athens and Greece. Poor orphan at tender age, he had his own part of disabilities in stammering, stuttering and unfaithful guardians who cheated him out of his handsome inheritance. But Demosthenes resolved to do the unthinkable, rode fiercely against the tide in contrast to the wisdom of the ordinary men and women.

To overcome this predicament and realize his goal to become an orator, Demosthenes trained himself to talk well putting pebbles in his mouth while he rehearsed difficult recitations. He would narrate difficult verses while running against the wind. And, to lend strength to his voice, Demosthenes preferred to speak over the roaring waves by the seashore, practice his oratory deliveries before a mirror, while studying in solitude in an underground room.
Great things do not come the easy way.

Ambition is like magnet, it sticks through and through to the man of dedication. Demosthenes was so committed and dedicated to his goal and ambition that he worked religiously and relentlessly for its attainment. He eventually became the greatest orator of ancient Greece and Athens.

For everything under the sun, there is a price to pay.

In your steps to success and real achievements in life, you must realize and believe that nothing is impossible to the one that believes. It is always possible to him that believes it is possible.

You must develop the unflinching will to make it where many had failed, and make a way where there seemed to be none.

You must toil terribly, throwing your entire ability, brain power and all God-given intellect into the enterprise to win the price and clinch the goal.

When told that the Alps Mountains stood in the way of his armies’ progress march, General Napoleon Bonaparte affirmatively replied that there rather would be no Alps Mountains than his army be denied the required access to move ahead and crush their enemies. He created a way where there seemed to be none.

With a pay-back plan in hand, there is always the delivery of results because the heart and mind are in full focus of the delivery of the desired goal.

Transform your impediments from hindrances into success stepping-stones!

Sir Winston Churchill was born of blue blood aristocratic family in England. Nevertheless, young Winston had speech impediments, yet chose his career in oratory, public speaking and open service to royalty and commoners. He set at it till he succeeded. Winston Churchill not only overcame his speech impediments, but also became a highly successful politician, parliamentarian, and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. “My impediment is no hindrance”. With his impediments taken care of, Sir Winston Churchill went forth in life to do great things for himself and for his country.

What are your impediments in life, resolve to transform them from hindrances into success stepping-stones.

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