Turning your Adversity into Profit

A tear and a smile
Life is mostly a mixed bag of a tear and a smile.
Without counting on outside supports, go all out and contend for your rightful space and place in all conflicts of life. Take up your gauntlets when apparent adversity comes, making the best of it, while keeping stern focus of better outcomes and prosperity.

Never give in to Regrets
Have you ever been pained by a certain action you took which could have been handled differently?
Do you ever wonder how well the matter would have turn out had you given your decision a second thought?
Yet, you should not give in to regret.
The refusal to give up on the resolution to turn anguish of suffering into stepping-stones of prosperity is the mark of the true man. To keep up a steady and unshakeable mindset in the face of the shocks of adversity forms the highest honor of man.

True life Affliction and Adversity
At seven, I took a penny from mum to school. After-all it belonged to my mother. It became one of my greatest afflictions turned into profit.
Class lesson was in full session. Suddenly, Danielle started to cry. A little gently sob suddenly developed into a loud cry amidst the teaching. The teacher quickly moved to her side, calmed her down, and asked her, “Danielle, what is wrong with you? Is it you mummy at home, or is someone sick or missing?”
Danielle cried a little more, and finally calmed down.
“It’s my penny. Someone took my penny from me.”
How did it happen? The angry teacher demanded, unwilling to allow any distraction disrupt her teaching.
“It was in my pocket, and was still there before the change of lesson and the short recess.”
“I went to sharpen my pencil at Frank’s, sitting beside him on his seat, then came back here. I did not get out for the long break ‘cause of my home-made snacks. I just put my hand in the pocket as you came in to teach, and the penny was gone. I searched everywhere but could not find it.” She started crying again.
Everyone knew the money was stolen by Frank. He actually spent it to buy candies during the lunch break. He was spotted at the candy shop, where he bought so many candies for one penny, and shared with some pupils, including two girls in our classroom.
“Yes, I bought candies, but I did not steal Danielle’s money. No, not me.”
“Where did you get your money? You never come here with a dime for a long time.”
“Frank, will you tell me who gave you the penny?” the class teacher retorted.
“I did not take her money”, Frank retorted over and over again. The little boy was always in trouble, being accused of one little crime or another.
Suddenly, the teacher came up with an idea. “I will search all pupils in the class. If I could not find the money I will take you all to the Headmistress.” It must have been a trick, to make Frank agree to a confession. Everyone dreaded visiting the headmistress.
Still, Frank did not budge. The pupils were searched, and my penny was discovered. The class teacher refused my explanation, but claimed the penny was Danielle’s since we usually did not come with money. The class was left in confusion and disbelief. The teacher took my penny and gave it to Danielle. The class went into frenzy and confusion.
Disagreeing students trooped out of class shouting “No, never. Mike is not the thief, Frank stole the money.”
The noise and confusion attracted pupils in the senior classes. Other teachers intervened, but the matter was not resolved.

Saul’s Visit to The Woman of Endor
At the close of school, a group of primary six pupils took us to the herbalist nearby to find out the truth. Deep within, I did not want to go to a herbalist, but conscious that the truth will be known, and as the central figure in the eye of the storm, I could not decline.
The occult man instructed that everyone would hold a flat oily object with a spindle on his palm, one after the other. That the object will turn in the hand of the person that stole the money. To most people’s chagrin and disbelief, the object only turns when it got to me. The shame, the disbelief, the utter disappointment was overwhelming. Even as a little kid, the effect of that terrible moment failed to rub off my mind, even into adulthood.

I could not remember how I was able to get home that day with the shame and disappointment that enveloped me. Mum and dad were not only angry that I was caught stealing, but that I should visit a sorcerer was too much for them to bear. I was scolded and heavily punished, even as an innocent child. I always remember the trauma of that dark period in my life.

Winning Ways
I came out of this difficulty with serious distrust for the herbalist and all fetish powers. The Parish Jesuit priests helped me through confessions, catechisms, and novenas. I grew out of it a truly trusting Christian, and a praying child. It got stuck to this day.
I discovered the failures in idolatry, and the limitless grace of God through Christ. It has become my winning way through life.

1. Because “attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude”, develop positive habits that takes you from the valley of adversity to the mountain top of prosperity.

2. Confront adversity with the firm purpose and resolve to overcome the unpleasant situation for positive prosperous outcome.

3. Set up your game plan. Never be a drifter, but transform into a man with the plan for success.

4. Work strenuously to get to the pinnacle, as you will surely do, if you keep up focus.

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