A Greater Heritage than Royalty!

He was fondly known as J.B.O.K. at the national railroad company where he spent most of his working life and career. His friends and colleagues also called him by that appellation.
How did he get it?
Joseph was his baptismal name.
Babajimi was his traditional Yoruba name.
He was born into the noble Ojelabi family.
An American, Mr. Kellynton, took him overseas to be well-trained for the tasking railroad career. As it was the norm in those days to adopt the name of your mentor, he adopted Kellynton as his last name, and the JBOK nickname stuck throughout his adult life.

Community Service
He retired into his native town to support the developmental effort of the Royal King and chieftains of his community. Those efforts were intensely successful with landmarks and enduring projects such as community schools, church parishes, playgrounds, road networks, public meeting places, and other basic infrastructures.
With friends and connections in high places, JBOK processed and procured for his village the official recognition and gazette of royal title by the Regional Government. It was never an issue of bribery or hand-twisting but rather a matter of knowing your rights, and getting your dues. The community jubilated and rejoices at the sign of progress and legislative recognition attained.

Reward of Success
With brazen success in this regard, JBOK was nominated by the three ruling families in the village to be their first official chief and village representative. He declined, in preference to the eldest candidate from another family, as a sign of respect and communal love.
Barely fourteen months into his reign, the man died! His son was unanimously chosen to complete the tenure of that lineage.

JBOK did not live to become the next chief of his village. His children and lineage were roundly denied that privilege despite many attempts with impeccable credentials for the office. Local politics and nepotism had come into play, and robbed them off their legitimate right. Paul, one of his prominent children, returned from Canada, with pomp, fame and pageantry, upon hearing that the last chief had just joined his ancestors. He gave the title a serious shot. He spent and was overspent in generosity and sincere philanthropy. Yet he lost in his bid.

Pathway to a glorious life
Life is full of bold and brazen contrasts of goodness and evil, righteousness and wickedness, debauchery and divinity. Paul lacked the goodness, the greatness and the godliness of prophet Moses to confront the Pharaoh of his era. Invited to a Christian crusade where the parable of the prodigal son was re-enacted.
At the crusade, Paul heard the story of an ungrateful son who deliberately calculated to cut himself from the commonwealth of his kind and generous father, and get lost in the world. He departed into a neverland of utopia with as many riches as he could take with him. While the money and riches lasted, he seemed to be successful, with friends who helped him squander the wealth and riches. After a while, the oil dried up, and money was finished. His fair-weather friends left in droves. The prodigal eventually ended up in a pigpen where he remembered how great the love of his father unto him was. He made the bold move to “arise and go home to my father”.
Paul realized the futility of seeking power that would not satisfy.
He put off the struggle, the effort, and the wasted resources to rule and reign. He seriously sought made a serious search for God, taking the narrow way of self-surrender.
To his surprise, Paul found God at the cross-roads of life, with outstretched arms to welcome him back home. That day, he obtained the assurance of salvation, and the great hope of eternal life.

Secrets of Enduring Success
• Convinced of his own weaknesses, and casting off all claim to personal aggrandizement and sufficiency, Paul yielded himself unto God’s divine control.
• He took the bold step of getting his Bible off the shelf, and began to study the gospels on the life of Christ.
• He learns to speak his mind to God in clear and concise sincere prayers, declaring the yearnings of his heart to Him.
• Grace from God met with the grace that is working upon the heart of Paul, leading to the desired transformation, fulfilled life and genuine success.
This is the way to meet a greater heritage and truly successful life than royalty or worldly struggle would fetch for you!

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