The Excellent Way of Life

The life of a public school teacher was often seen as a menial duty and little chore without recognition and fame. Ms. Dudu was my class teacher as a little boy in the elementary school.

She was dutiful, thorough and dedicated to her work and pupils. She, my Dad, and I were regular attendants at the local church, where I would stay behind to attend the church school.

One day, when Ms. Dudu was pregnant, someone spread poisonous powder inside her water-bottle, her lunch-pack, and her table and seats. I became the victim as the powdery substance scratched me all over the body while cleaning her seats. I was treated, The culprit was apprehended while  the life and pregnancy of the good teacher were secured. Ms. Dudu kept faith in God and career till she became a recognized teacher of many great men and women in the community.

 Henry Ford was the son of a farmer who had a stint in farming, a trial as a machinist, and a serious career as an automobile engineer. The simple idea of the son of a farmer took deep root in Henry Ford, but could not hold him down in 1891 when he gave up farm life for good, and went to learn about electricity at Thomas Edison’s Illuminating Company.

Henry Ford settled on his work and learning with focus and purpose, married, and used his spare time with dedication to build a gasoline engine that could be ignited by electricity. By the time he was just 32 years, Henry Ford had developed the Quadricycle, a horseless carriage, and a successful achievement and discovery then in 1896.

In 1903, with further push and focus, Henry Ford produced and sold his first car, the Model A, followed by models B, C, and F. and other classic inventions.

Nevertheless, Henry Ford refused to neither neglect nor forget the common people and the less privileged. He designed his most famous and well-acknowledged automobile, the Model T, in 1908 for the masses, and installed a mechanized assembly line manufacturing system which enhanced productivity and reduced cost of production greatly, thus making his cars affordable while creating job opportunities for greater numbers of workers. Greater sales brought forth bigger and better pay with compensations for his workers.

Henry Ford’s only son, Edsel Ford, established The Ford Foundation on January 15, 1936 “to receive and administer funds for scientific, educational and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare”.

The Ford Foundation grew to become one of the largest international philanthropy in the world dedicated to the advancement of human welfare with focus on solving humankind’s most pressing problems, whatever they might be.

In 1949, the foundation expanded its grant making to include support for educational opportunity and scholarship, democratic and accountable government, economic fairness, freedom of expression, civil  and human rights, the environment, sustainable development, sexuality and reproductive health and rights, among other areas.

Today, The Ford Foundation has immense influence and support with global impact and universal touch upon many lives, many nations, most people, many ethnic groups, as well as rural and urban communities.

What an excellent way of life!

Tips to do the same:

1.    Build your personal brand, and make it known to you and the world as your signature whatever your product or service. Self development is the first step to develop you family, your home and your community.


2.    Know the true meaning of Success

The true meaning of success to you centers upon your ability to figure out what you want in life, dream out your goal, and work hard towards its attainment.

3.    Embrace The Essence of Purpose

Discover and find your real purpose for life and living, and take adequate steps needed to fulfill it. There must exist that absolute point to know what you really want and how you want to get there without greed or selfish aggrandizement, before you actually arrive or get there. You reach your goal halfway when you have set a proper focus for its attainment.


4.    Have a Life Plan


Victory is greatly enhanced and assured when you plan well. We should learn to plan big, but start small, while expecting the best even though one has made provisions for the worst case scenario.

Create a plan for your life, taking into account every minute detail on health, family, home, work, career, business, projects, social, and other essential aspects of your life. Learn to plan regularly, with regular reviews and updates, making adequate adjustments when and where necessary, while always putting the interests of other people in mind.


5.    Adopt the Winning Ways:

There existed certain attitudes in life which enhances your chances to arrive at your goals or debar you from getting there. Your attitude, and not necessarily your aptitude, gets you to the top in life. You are propelled to the top when you embrace winning ways and develop positive habits that take you from the valley of adversity to the mountain top of prosperity.

We should learn to face life challenges with the resolve to turn challenges into prospects. Never be a drifter, but transform into a man with the plan for success while working tenaciously to get to the pinnacle, as you will surely do, if you keep your focus on the horizon.

6.    The Golden Rule

The Excellent Way of Life is anchored on the time-tested principle to do unto others as you would wish them do unto you. The Golden Rule principle is the backbone of our entire success life and achievement.

This principle, when fully imbibed and practiced, guides and directs our actions and thoughts towards justifiable and good causes from time to time. We are made to view all shades and colors of dishonesty, selfishness, greed, envy, hatred and malice as anathema to success and the good way of life. Honesty and truthfulness will be our watchword and practice to meet our desired goals and dreams with contentment and satisfaction.

Make big life plans, because little ones will not suffice.

Make big plans, tall and lofty, written bold in gold and silver.

Make logical plans to live big, noble, and decent for a life of purpose.

Endeavor to so live, making The Excellent Way, your only way of life!

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