Know thyself!

Your best moment of clarity, genuine excitement, and passionate living for a true purpose comes when you truly discover yourself, and know your real reason for living.

Paul, a servant of God, and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of God’s elect, and the acknowledging of the truth … which is committed unto me.

Converted on the road to Damascus while on his way to persecute Christians, Paul became one of the most faithful and dedicated Apostle of Jesus Christ. Apostle Paul was so committed and consecrated to his divine encounter with risen and resurrected Christ that he vigorous contended for the gospel once delivered unto the Apostles.

In his creative life after conversion into Christianity, Apostle Paul defended the creative word of God in the Bible as the power of the Gospel which leads unto the salvation of everyone that believes.

How do you describe yourself?

What is your calling in life?

How were you called, by revelation, instinct or intuition, through a mentor’s guidance, or by the Ouija box?

Why were you called unto that line, career, or profession?

The moment you make the vital discovery of your true self is your moment of creative living. That is the time of highly effective solutions that turns your life around and make it smarter, better, and more meaningful than it ever was, as enunciated here:

One vital thread that is common among genius and high-achieving personalities is that they seem to be more open than most other people are! The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going, spending time and sharing with vital people who would make him stronger and better.

Sadly, great achievement does not guarantee happiness. Essential creativity, great customers, and wonderful admirers do not just fill your heart with happiness; they may get you what you want, but lasting happiness comes from within. Many of history’s most celebrated creative geniuses were mentally ill at one point or the other.

How do you get it?

The scarlet Thread of Redemption runs through the entire Bible, only genuinely creative people in the Godly sense, and definitely not in the worldly sense, notice it, tie it to their loins as they pass through the narrow gate to the Kingdom of God. Such people are more creative about life and living in the very true sense, and in the most vital aspects and ways than very, very, many other people are!

Creative living, on the part of man in his society, is the right and the freedom to pursue a variety of courses towards the solution of problems within his environment, and the right to chase ideas and agendas that are his inalienable right, and are legal, though they may differ from the common trend.

Creativity is a highly developed move to prove that a new way, a better method, or an advanced approach is possible, realistic, and superior to the former.

The New Testament is far superior to the Old. The creativity of the New Testament grace was amplified in the failure of the Old Testament laws and legalism, bondage, rituals and rites, and ceremonies, which leads to death.

The New Testament is creative in that it brings bundles of joy with redemption through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, granting all believers freedom from Satan and sin, providing freedom while giving truly fulfilled life here and hereafter.

The power of redemption is the power of creation, because redemption is the transformation of sinful man into true holiness and righteousness by God, through genuine salvation in Christ Jesus. This is the only way for any man to get back to God, and to truly regain his lost authority and dominion that was stolen by Satan and sin.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (2Co 5:17). There never can be any better creativity in the life of any man than his salvation, his redemption from sinfulness into full redemption with Christ.

Christianity actually began in the Garden of Eden when God promised a Messiah to redeem fallen mankind. Judaism was a shadow, means of worshiping God to keep God’s Plan of Redemption and the coming Messiah in focus.

Just like in the world, the children of Israel, deluded, deceived by sheer religion, hold on to the shadow, and rejected the Substance – the promised Messiah and His teachings – Christianity.

The Twelve Apostles and early disciples were uneducated men and women who patiently and thoroughly learned and follow the way and truth of God. They were not religious, not refined in letters, with peculiar faults and personal challenges, just like anyone else, yet turned out the best tools and personnel for The Christ.

They were neither scribes nor Pharisees, not scholars nor rabbis, but became genius and experts through the training and touch of the Master. Awakened creativity in man!

In The Great Commission, twelve Apostles, few other disciples, and the Holy Spirit, spread and fostered the embers of Christianity from Jerusalem to Judea, to Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the world. Is there a greater creativity than this?

The Apostles were able to apply God’s grace, rather than might or carnal knowledge, to fan the flames of the Gospel successfully, which would spread across the face of the earth, and continue to burn bright and glow brilliantly throughout the centuries until this very day.

You could discover your imperfections and frailty through self-realization and soul-searching. Biblical faith and Bible study reveals the ultimate truth about life and hereafter to anyone bold enough to believe in God and trust His words. This is a lifetime achievement beyond the diplomas, the awards, championships, business success or inventions. It guarantees an inheritance safely kept in Heaven for you by God.

You can only live this life once, and then comes death and judgment.

Faith in God is the essential key to life’s true and thorough ingenuity and creativity. Your hope in God gives you the confidence to face life’s incongruous uncertainties.

You could always wither the storms of life and gloriously enter in the other side if you hinge your faith in God rather than man and all other human creativity.

I know my Heavenly Father knows the storms that would oppose my way;

But, He can drive away the clouds, and turn my darkness into day.

To know my Lord is to love Him

To love my God is to do His will,

To do His will always, is absolute creativity.

Awake, awake, please awake, God’s creativity in me!

We see in nature the great works of God.

He it was that set the sun, the moon, the stars,

Oh! ‘Twas God that place the sea, the oceans, rivers,

The hills the valleys and mountains in their rightful places.

How could He have been so precise, so exact, without error?


We see the water brooks, and the fisheries therein,

He placed the whales, the sharks, crocodiles and hippos,

They feed in the seas, live in the waters, their habitat.

Think of the games in the fields, animals in the pastures,

Each one, its own kind; everyone, its own species;


We spotted the zebra, the horse; so close, yet apart,

The hippo, the elephant; in the waters, and on land;

We marvel, we ponder, same animals, different habitat

The snakes, the birds, the butterflies, and the tiny ants

They live and feed in snow and in sunshine, all year round.


Then, we think of man, crowning glory of God’s work.

Man made the ark, the airplane, the ships, automobiles.

Since The Titanic, man has made bigger, better, faster ships;

After the supersonic, he has created extraordinary jets to fly;

Oh man, man, man; cannot comprehend what else eludes him.


Man was a surgeon, scientist, oncologist, florist, a gardener;

Man, a father, a teacher, founder, employer, leader, all in one,

Woman, weaker but mightier, mother, sister, nurse, helpmate

Oftentimes with pity, many times without; smiled, and all was gay

Imagine a world without women, a world without man’s friend and foe.


Man could cross the Rubicon often and often, but for little foxes;

Man would reach for the stars, many a times, but for homegrown ills;

If only man could be wary, of the Ides of March, the evils lurking around

Only if man would watch out for Brutus, the brute, always the mole within.

Imagine a world without Brutus, without Demas, without Judas Iscariot!


A Picasso in my hand, Da Vinci on my mind, gazing at a Van Gaul.

Away, away, out of the drudgery, the mundane issues of life,

To a time far away in space, yet not too far, out of space and time;

He that shall come shall come; glorious in holiness, splendid in glory,

Everything shall be made ready, perfect; in a world made new.

A world ready for God, chosen men and the angels, to dwell, in eternity!

Use your imagination, seeing myself, and you too, among the happy throng.

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