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Profound and outstanding writings are never done by accident.
Purposeful writing is the result of a deliberate attempt of a writer to communicate ideas, impressions or facts, to another person, to make the reader do what the writer intended to achieve.
Copywriting is essentially a form of writing with a purpose, based upon the two principles of:
1. what do I want to do?
2. How do I do it well?

In the same vein, a copywriter needs to understand his purpose of writing in the first instance.
He also need to make adequate use of style, material, organization, arrangement, development, and general coherence to bring forth the desired document that would eventually make the reader do his bidding
Copywriting, in essence, is the art of writing compelling sales scripts that make so much sense to picked up for reading out of the large arrays of blog posts, emails, sales letters, or webinars and seminar reports.

Copywriting is one of the most effective online marketing tools. It is highly effective in sales letters, blog posts, sales reports, webinar invitations and reports, product or service launch. These are often written in the tone of a conversation between the writer and the reader.
Sales-pitched written materials are strategically set in the most proper way and wordings, to guide the reader into making decisions or taking actions desired by the writer.
Great copywriters simply enjoy the art of writing in a conversational tone with a good understanding of the simple rules of making strong written copies that make the sale without much fuss on the reader.

The first law of success in every attempt is to know oneself and be oneself. Be yourself and try not to become or impersonate another writer, which you probably may never be.
Avoid the use of high-sounding words, flowery sentences, fancy prose and clichés that tend to show that you are clever. Ability to write in a conversational tone sets the pace, while the art of knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it finishes off the task.
Once this craft is learnt well and perfected, every line and paragraph you produce would be powerful and effective enough to convince the reader to make the desired decision.

Copywriting fundamentals

1. A strong and compelling headline. The headline must catch the readers’ attention. The vital essence of the headline is to get the first sentence of the material read. A compelling headline stirs up the interest and attention of the reader to decide to read further. Reading further leads to reading the entire article way down to the point of offer and the decision to take up the offer – the sale. Headlines that grab your readers’ attention and force them to keep on reading.

2. A powerful lead. A strong and effective opening of the paragraph, so irresistible, that your reader will want to buy what you’re selling after reading the first two paragraphs or pages.

3. Body should focus on the benefit to the reader. It is so crucial; “speak” directly to your reader and show that you truly care about his or her worries, needs, and wants.

4. Your writing should make a promise to the reader, a promise that would be fulfilled.

5. Close sales.  Knowing how every successful letter needs to be structured, copywriting is the surest way to lead your reader to the sale.

Copywriting is a powerful tool for direct-marketing, whereby letters and other forms of mails and presentations are produced to request for prompt and specific action, asking for immediate and clear-cut decision. Companies, not-profit organizations, political organizations and social or educational associations use the direct response approach to sell their products, services and ideas.
Direct-response marketing allows companies market directly to the people and organizations through letters and emails, urging them to subscribe to websites, emails, landing pages, discussion boards and forums. Information is equally shared through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Pinterest.Most of these sales efforts are conducted by copywriting.

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Sir Alistair Cooke

Sir. Alistair Cooke  – Letter from America

Online presence is often recognized today as the greatest point of marketing.

Letter from America

It is quite fascinating that the internet explosion and the computer age have transformed the way we attract and close sales. Working in journalism for 58 odd years, Alistair Cooke dominated, without any relent, a truly peculiar segment of radio talk show – Letter from America. Though, one of many wonderful programs of The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Letter from America and Alistair Cooke clearly had the competitive advantage to dominate the talk show segment and the 15-minute radio broadcast for a little more than half a century.

But much more than anything else, it was a show, a product, a service developed, improved upon, and personalized by the veteran journalist, Sir Alistair Cooke. Alistair Cooke was an erudite scholar with a lot of warmth and wits. He spoke calmly and clearly, with great knowledge of subject and utter confidence of presentation and delivery. You always see him talk; watch him right from your mind his ejaculations in very articulate language that was an excellent blend of Queens English and American phonetics. As he spoke, listeners felt as if it was a television show, as if he spoke from the next door. Alastair Cooke had the competitive advantage, the winning edge, and the compelling substance that closes the sale anywhere, anytime and in many situations. It was a certain style displayed by the content of the message and style of delivery.

Alistair Cooke maintained the competitive advantage over that target audience all over the world for more than a decade. This took his personal development, style of rendition, and sheer dedication that millions of Americans and various nationals across the world would religiously cling to their transistors at the appointed time for many years across continents and generations, gladly listening to his fifteen-minute masterpiece.

A catchphrase for enduring marketing was aptly used in the great speech of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.

Today, buyers do not place their decision to buy on the glamour or look of the advert but the content of it, and the ability of the product to meet such claims. Information is valuable in today’s marketing strategy. Even if you have a superior product, if you don’t know how to market it effectively and then close the sale, you will struggle. Our competitive advantage and winning edge lies in our ability to set up a good marketing plan.

What is the Marketing Plan?

1.Organizational System

Entrepreneurs require proper organization in the face of stiff competition, putting a coherent system in place that operates our entire marketing campaign. “Economic performance is the specific function and contribution of business enterprise, and the result for its existence. It is work to get economic performance and results. And work, to yield results, has to be thought through, and done with direction, method and purpose.” (Peter Drucker). That is a winning management system.

2. Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Mix strategy goes beyond the advertisement. Competition is always at the center point of the success or failure of organizations or people at the market place. Whether in the days of Alastair Cooke, or during the eras of Larry King, or Oprah Winfrey, marketing has always been composed of those activities which successfully connect an organization or entrepreneur to his environment. Such activities are usually designed to:

Meet formerly unmet needs, find out or discover a generic need in the environment, and work to meet the need through products or services.

Break down the generic need into specifics and various segments, the niche.

Develop products and services to meet those needs.

The pricing of the products, fairly and competitively to generate sales and incomes.

Distribution of goods and services, into the market place for easy and instant accessibility to the consumers

Effective communication of the qualities and abilities of the product and services to meet those needs.

3. Evaluation and Control

The Marketing Plan should be assessed and reviewed from time to time within the context of the corporate vision and mission, and the management functions of allocation, communication and coördination.

Results and findings are clarified in measurable terms, lapses are corrected. Additional avenues to generate income or create products and services are leveraged for greater prospects and profitability.

Competitive advantage is a function of the value that an organization was able to create for her customers/buyers over and above the real cost of creating that product or service in the first instance. It is the element that draws the buyer to our product or service instead of the competitor’s. Such was the experience of Apple Inc. in the creation and leadership of the gadgets market out of the traditional computer sector.

Information that is clearly written, audible and visible is vital to successful marketing. It is the content of the advert that matter most. A brand is heard of, perceived, seen, known, accepted, trusted and purchased by the customer through the contents of our message.

Message contents come through images, videos of spoken, written or acted displays, as well as written texts and messages.

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