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A close encounter with Adam Urbansky
I was fortunate to catch up with Adam Urbanski, of The Millionaire Marketing Mentor®. at .He gave without hesitation, as is always his way, three things to do produce bigger clientele and increase traffic.

  1. 1.    Find and Promote Your “Silver Bullet”

We often speak of a niche. There is always one particular work, creativity, service, or product that one can do better than other people. It is very important to discover this creativity, develop it , and find out the people, the market segment that needs that unique thing, and are ready to willingly pay to have it.” The key here is “that people are looking for” this thing. “Fact is that everyone has something that can be turned into a “silver bullet” – I call it a Unique Solution System. The challenge that most people don’t know how to package it the right away… One key I’ll give you right away is to have a narrow and deep focus with your solutions.” Adam Urbansky.

  1. 2.    Teach More Now! “Nearly every person who enters my programs tells me that what they really want to do is to teach more and impact more people. Yet they are not doing it! They are “waiting until they become more successful”. The crazy thing is that they may never become “successful” without beginning to teach first! “ It is advisable to support prospects and established clients with gifts and free items that gives them support. Such a strategy do not only enhance your credibility, but go very far to boost you image while promoting your products and services in a big way. We do not need to monetize every service rendered in the course of meeting our targets. Free webinars, tele-seminars, workshops, videos and blog articles, books and e-zines are major ways of reaching out to our community and clients, to teach more for better understanding. “I call it your RAID System – Rapid Automated Information Distribution System. Look, nobody is looking for your sales pitch. But a lot of people are looking for solutions that you can offer. Got it? So teach more. You’ll attract more prospects and get more clients”.
    Focus on Attracting Higher End Clients
  1. 3.    Do not sell yourself cheap. It is a great challenge to build up a list of high paying clients, nevertheless a marketer should not subject to making very cheap charges for very valuable product or service. Self-employed professionals who charge less or under-price their services and programs could only pile up debts and losses for themselves. Clients would rate their products low because their rates are cheap. This would create the big problem of overwhelm and financial struggle.
    We tend to judge the quality by its price tag. Cheap (low price) equals low quality. Expensive equals valuable and high quality. Although this perception may not be correct, but it is the way the world reasons, and it is very crucial we play with their opinion somehow. So price yourself for a great first impression and use your pricing to position yourself as a quality resource not a cheap peddler. You may set your rate by the hour or by the month, whatever it is, make it worth it. Higher-end clients want to do business with experts. And experts don’t come cheap! It’s actually naturally mutually exclusive if you’re cheap – you’re not an expert, and if you’re an expert – you won’t be cheap.


Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Can this really be this simple?”

The answer is YES!


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A shared vision is not an idea.

It is not even an important idea such as freedom.

It is, rather, a force in people’s hearts,

a force of impressive power…

Shared vision is vital for the learning organization

because it provides the focus and energy for learning.

(Peter M. Senge)


When Africa became independent,

We thought Africans would be free.

When the colonialists left Africa,

We gladly reasoned Blacks would rule blacks well.


How doomed, how wrong we were.

How naïve our thoughts, our expectations;

How disillusioned and warped our yearnings,

For those who sold slaves, are busy looting the treasury!


Africa produce heroes, she bred many heroines,

Black men, African women have always done great.

But of leaders and rulers on the home front,

Africans seem not to find, safe for despots and tyrants.


When shall thy pride come, oh Mother Africa?

For how long shall thy treasured children

Build the cities and wealth of other nations,

Leaving fallow, in decay, the land of their fathers?


For how long, oh Mama Africa, for how long

Shall poverty, nepotism, corruption and disease,

Cover the land from Cape to Coast, camp to camp

When shall Africans know freedom as ought to?


Imagine Africans singing deep from their hearts,

My country tis of thee, my land ‘tis of thee,

Singing true songs of freedom, songs of liberation.

Not in the Diaspora, but freely at home in Africa.


To every man there openeth

A way and ways and a way

The high soul climbs the high way,

And the low soul gropes for the low,

And in between on the misty flats

The rest drift to and fro,

To every man there openeth

A high way and a low

And every man decideth

The way his soul shall go.


Imagine Africa climb the high way,

Imagine Africans departing from the low and the flat,

Imagine all Africans enjoying the fruit of the land.

It is our shared vision, our deep imagination, our dream.

Look to Africa, for there a king shall be crowned!

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