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We see in nature the great works of God.

He it was that set the sun, the moon, the stars,

Oh! ‘Twas God that place the sea, the oceans, rivers,

The hills the valleys and mountains in their rightful places.

How could He have been so precise, so exact, without error?


We see the water brooks, and the fisheries therein,

He placed the whales, the sharks, crocodiles and hippos,

They feed in the seas, live in the waters, their habitat.

Think of the games in the fields, animals in the pastures,

Each one, its own kind; everyone, its own species;


We spotted the zebra, the horse; so close, yet apart,

The hippo, the elephant; in the waters, and on land;

We marvel, we ponder, same animals, different habitat

The snakes, the birds, the butterflies, and the tiny ants

They live and feed in snow and in sunshine, all year round.


Then, we think of man, crowning glory of God’s work.

Man made the ark, the airplane, the ships, automobiles.

Since The Titanic, man has made bigger, better, faster ships;

After the supersonic, he has created extraordinary jets to fly;

Oh man, man, man; cannot comprehend what else eludes him.


Man was a surgeon, scientist, oncologist, florist, a gardener;

Man, a father, a teacher, founder, employer, leader, all in one,

Woman, weaker but mightier, mother, sister, nurse, helpmate

Oftentimes with pity, many times without; smiled, and all was gay

Imagine a world without women, a world without man’s friend and foe.


Man could cross the Rubicon often and often, but for little foxes;

Man would reach for the stars, many a times, but for homegrown ills;

If only man could be wary, of the Ides of March, the evils lurking around

Only if man would watch out for Brutus, the brute, always the mole within.

Imagine a world without Brutus, without Demas, without Judas Iscariot!


A Picasso in my hand, Da Vinci on my mind, gazing at a Van Gaul.

Away, away, out of the drudgery, the mundane issues of life,

To a time far away in space, yet not too far, out of space and time;

He that shall come shall come; glorious in holiness, splendid in glory,

Everything shall be made ready, perfect; in a world made new.

A world ready for God, chosen men and the angels, to dwell, in eternity!

Use your imagination, seeing myself, and you too, among the happy throng.

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